Sorry to keep you all waiting!

Shh! I have something big to say.

Just now, Zhao Gang, Vice President of Zero Motors, announced that Zero Motors' first production model, the Zero S01, is officially available for reservation and number collection!

The Zero S01 is officially open for reservations to receive a number!

The Zero S01 is officially open for reservations to receive a number!

The Zero S01 is officially open for reservations to receive a number!

Future prospective owners, come and register for your number in the Zero Run App beta.

This move marks the official retail launch of the Zero S01!

Reservation is open, first-come-first-served in the app

Unlike most other new car makers that start with SUVs, Zero Run has taken a different path, with its first production model, the Zero Run S01, being the first two-door, four-seat pure electric smart sedan in China.

Zero Runner's first production model, the Zero Runner S01

At the launch event, Zhao Gang, Vice President of Zero Motors, officially announced the Zero S01's pre-subsidy price at up to RMB 200,000. from now on The official launch of the collection number reservation.

Zhao Gang, Vice President of Zero Running Motors

First batch of places in total451 There are only 451 of them, oh. (Why 451, guess what? )

Sign up for "Sneak Peak Code" You can become a member of Zero Run leaper and enjoy the following benefits without any deposit.

In addition, of course, there is a more powerful The message.

During this year's Consumer Electronics Show Asia, theZero Runner announced that the first domestic AI self-driving chip "Lingxin 01", jointly developed with Dahua, has entered the integration and validation stage and will be tested in real vehicles in the second quarter of next year.

Lingxin 01, a joint effort to develop China's "core"

"Lingxin 01" has Six Advantages


With AI deep learning capabilities, the chip will grow over time and become " Getting smarter.”。


The industry-leading algorithm is the NVIDIA TX1 self-driving chip used by Tesla As much as 5 times.


Specially developed for car autopilot, with more precise and clear positioning. Meet the needs of real-world scenarios for autonomous driving


Under conditions that require extremely strong computing, the ability to Multi-chip flexible combination of combat


With the same performance premise, the Costs only 50% or less of Friends


With domestic CPU. More secure and controllable

Autoparking - Live Demo

Side Parking - Live Demo

Auto Drive Out - Live Demo

Venous Recognition Acquisition - Live Demo

Face Recognition - Live Demo

Zhu Jiangming, Chairman and Co-Founder of Zero Running Motors

Zhang Xingming, Vice President and General Manager of Dahua's R&D Center

How do you like the S01 like that?

Hold your tongue and sign up for the code!

"Sneak Peak Code" What are the total number of pathways?

Here, let Zero tell you.

1. Download the Zero Run App beta and register in the app to receive it.

2. Go to the "Zero Run" app and make an appointment to receive a number.

3. Click on the public menu "Reservation" to register for the service.

Looking forward to having you as part of the Zero Run leaper.

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