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Stand by "God" and rub your eyes

First offline session at Blockchain World on June 24, and it's been very rewarding and insightful!

The great thing about offline meetings is that Physical proximity , it's like the difference between watching a concert on TV and going to a live one. In fact, whether you are listening to the vloggers share on site or reading the transcripts that are later compiled, the one-sided intake of information is always incomplete. So special thanks to the organisers for their meticulousness and thoughtfulness, I sat near the staff member doing the text entry when I attended and she was highly focused on the keyboard the whole time, thanks for her silent work!

It's doubly beneficial to listen to the scene, review the manuscript again, check for gaps, study it in depth, and then sort out the overall pulse.

Candy.ONE Club Membership Growth System

What is a closed-door meeting? -- Face to face with the 1% message . The 1% sits down with the 1%, and the Candy Club's offline meetings are face-to-face with such information.

This arrangement is to serve the Candy Club's membership growth system. The 1% means that the 1% knows something in advance, how to find opportunities to grow together in the world, and how to gradually know how to make their own impact. The only way to get the good stuff out down the line is to find the 1% of quality information first, thus helping people build their influence.

Regarding the Gold Membership, it will largely depend on how much people can contribute to the Candy community in the blockchain world, and whether they have the ability and influence to drive more people to grow together.

Taking the pulse on the history, present and future of blockchain technology

If one wants to take very good advantage of the project today as well as tomorrow. In-depth understanding of the technical features of this blockchain project, where the strength points are and where the risk points are will be very helpful in screening and judging a project, how much opportunity it has and how to seize this opportunity

Three major problems with the Internet.

1. A very cut-throat and shafted walled garden type system.

All Internet companies have only one means of survival, and that is by monopoly Build a garden, lock users all up on your own platform, and do everything you can to keep them from running to someone else.

Such an approach leads to the problem that all Internet companies are essentially in competition, even if they do different businesses. So what Internet companies end up grabbing is the traffic and the time of the users, which is cross-border competition , which has become a norm in the Internet space.

2. The user's freedom is being taken away.

Like all companies, the Internet company, as a centralized service entity, does not have as long a life cycle as one might think. If it is a particularly valuable asset. Operating with the internet model will be problematic, this company is prone to collapse, and the ability of this central institution to survive is highly questionable . However at its hottest, users may have stored and posted a lot of their valuable stuff on it, and it is likely to be overturned with the demise of the company.

3、 There is only information replication in the age of the Internet.

What the Internet can't do is, just like the physical world, I give you a thing and I don't have that thing anymore. This has led to It's hard to do value delivery on the internet.

Blockchain technology reconfigures these three layers, with the underlying layer interconnected through the chain, and with the user identity, the carrier of value - the data (Bitcoin's core data is the ledger) - these things are no longer controlled by a particular center, and the protocols in between are completely open. The result is a state of complete open innovation and blossoming on the end side, so the ecology will be completely different, and completely different from the closed state on WeChat.

The underlying layer of Bitcoin is a globalized chain, where the user's identity is placed on the chain, and each person's identity is confirmed by their private key, which is the most important credential for your property rights. For the first time, each individual was given the full ability to take control of his or her assets.

Four major innovations in Bitcoin.

1. a decentralized peer-to-peer network (Bitcoin protocol).

2. a public ledger of transactions (blockchain).

3. a decentralized mathematical and deterministic currency issuance (distributed mining).

4. a decentralized transaction verification system (transaction script).

Three major breakthroughs.

1. Highest form of private property rights protection

2. the highest form of distributed consensus survival

3. The highest form of fairness in currency issuance

Summary: Bitcoin technically solves the problem of decentralized transactions by condensing consensus on a blockchain that is difficult to tamper with, creating a "de-trusted" transaction system. One of the problems with centralized consensus is solved by using proof-of-work methods to form consensus and issuing coins in a constant and gradually decreasing total. Bitcoin's ecological development, which started out slowly, has grown faster and faster. It balances the ecology in this way. Finally, the protection of private property rights is guaranteed by some encryption algorithms.


Pioneered in 2013, doing crowdfunding through coin offerings.

Innovation point: upgraded the bitcoin transaction script to do very complex programming.

application point: ethereum The biggest application isICO。 Sending a coin becomes very easy。

It will also pose some security issues. For example, the issue of vulnerabilities in ICO smart contracts. The nature of the blockchain is that it is tamper-proof, and this code is also tamper-proof. But it brings a problem, this code has bugs and hackers can steal this coin.

ethereum ushering in the era of smart contracts, Blockchain can be used to accomplish some more complex logic‘ Do something more interesting。 Some security issues like this, Presenting us with new challenges。 Everyone is working on a new topic like this。


Innovation Point.

1. Multi-chain + BFT-DPOS consensus mechanism to improve TPS. The goal of sacrificing a certain amount of decentralization, relative centralization, with 21 super nodes being the main body, and improving its performance through a distributed consensus mechanism.

2. Use of incremental dividend incentive mechanism, free of GAS.

3. Super-node governance mechanisms. Super nodes bring new processing mechanisms, such as the ability to retrieve lost coins. The technology equivalent of reversing the blockchain brings new governance mechanisms, innovative thinking, and of course new challenges.

Risk Point.

1. sacrifice the security risks (architectural risks) associated with decentralization. There is some concern as to whether the 21 super nodes are really designed to withstand a global hack.

2. directional issues in the pursuit of performance in distributed systems (strategic risk).

3. Exemption clauses for crowdfunding, and the question of where the funds go (risk of funds). The funds raised inside the EOS itself are raised by the EOS entity, and the terms of use of the funds themselves, do not commit those funds to the overall community operations.

How blockchain technology was born, how it has developed, and where it will go in the future, through such a retrospective combing, it is clear and organized at a glance, and the fragmented knowledge instantly forms a system.

Investment principles of fund founders

Judging a project," The most important thing is to see the person ". Look at its founders, look at their team. People who are dependable will do things dependably. So much so that when you are bullish on a project, it means you trust the team, then when you invest, you don't have to spend all day like an overseer, being emotionally manipulated by the price of the currency.

A constructive approach should be to follow the project dynamics while conducting continuous follow-up research on the projects you invest in, participating in the community to the best of your ability, and growing with the community so that confidence is from the inside out and is not held back by normal market sentiment.

Wealth gained by wisdom, by learning, is solid and sustainable. "What's scarier than making a fortune is that you don't really know how that money was made, in which case you think you were right in what you thought and did before, and then, you go on to the next project in the same way, and eventually, you're sure to lose it all." So, no need to envy the lottery winner, make yourself worthy of the corresponding wealth.

Finally, how did the closed-door meeting achieve getting the 1% to see the future first? The guests are all top figures in the industry, and according to the old cat's analogy, to a certain extent, they all have "God's perspective" in certain fields.

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