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Star Xu: What is the direction of blockchain 3.0?

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authors:  OK Blockchain Engineering Institute

The virtual currency phase, represented by Bitcoin, is the blockchain 1.0. 0 era, blockchain technology is a trusted distributed ledger. With the emergence of Ether, blockchain technology has added the function of trusted computing, which is often referred to as smart contracts, which has largely expanded the application scenarios of blockchain, and marked the change of blockchain from 1.0 to 1.0. The 0 era has entered the 2.0 era. Age 0.

So, the future of blockchain 3.0. What is the direction of 0? Is it a scalable development, or a further explosion of blockchain applications?

According to blockchain expert Xu Xingxing, "decentralization", "scalability" and "security" have been the problems that restrict the large-scale application of blockchain on the ground.

Blockchain's Impossible Triangle Diagram

In terms of scalability, the current throughput of mainstream blockchain platforms remains low (Bitcoin 7TPS, Ether 7-15TPS); in terms of security, malicious nodes can undermine the security stability of blockchain systems, and blockchains based on public key cryptosomes may be subject to quantum computing attacks.

Xu Xingxing proposed the future direction of these two points, and proposed the idea of moving from chain to "network", and the way of DAG, by changing the way of data organization, to greatly improve the processing speed of blockchain by means of concurrent computing.

In addition, Xu Xingxing said that using sharding technology can assign different nodes to different shards, and each node only needs to verify the transactions within its own shard, and does not need to verify the transactions outside the shard, thus reducing the double computation of nodes. He argues that the more nodes join the more slices, the more transactions the entire network can process in parallel.

Xu Xingxing also believes that the current layer 2 scaling technology can also be used to put some frequent transactions or complex operations under the chain for execution, thus improving the overall network performance.

OK Blockchain Engineering Institute

We are committed to exploring blockchain projects and top teams with long-term value and fully laying out future growth opportunities in the blockchain industry. As the blockchain industry enters the critical development stage of "operating system battle", OK Capital's core investment strategy in the next 1-2 years is to discover the top blockchain infrastructure with great potential and make a series of investment layout around its ecological construction.

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