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Starting HTML from Scratch #022 - 10 Minutes - Assignment & Summary



First of all, I'll explain why I didn't update the HTML yesterday, because the tutorial was the first time I did it, and basically no one read it on Jane's book, I guess it was written so badly that only people who had been following my public study before responded, so I only assigned homework in the public, at least to make sure they learned all the previous lessons.

Item-by-item analysis

HTML documents for assignments

Because the content is simple, everyone basically finished to this step, will need to display all the text content, according to [title h1, h3], [paragraph p], [unordered list ul / li], [quote blockquote] is built out of the content.

Except for the css part, everyone implements this effect -

Whiteboard base effect

So this part of the style, mainly on css.

Style Editor

The rest of the css settings have been set with the same style settings as before, and for this job, only two styles have been added

New styles added this time

The .alignment (notice the little dot) is taught in the #020 course and uses class to define the div block element, defining the width of the block element div as 500px and the alignment/layout mode as auto auto.

blockquoteThis was not taught specifically, But the first signs of this have been seen in the Form I lesson—— border="1"

This one stems from another way of writing -

Another way of writing

We can see that the second way of writing is the omitted type, border : 1px solid white instead of border-width and other three property settings, although this is very simple to write, but try not to use (although most browsers still recognize it), but later we will go back to learning XHTML, when we will explain why not to use this abbreviated way of writing.

Above, just add these two settings to the css on top of the original to achieve the final effect.

final result

There are no strict requirements except for the color matching inside the css style, just your own aesthetics, other than that at least, you can do better than the assignment requires, but not worse, which is already the easiest page effect. (I didn't match this color either)

Final effect

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