cool hit counter Starting today, all "Standard Specifications" are now free to download!_Intefrankly

Starting today, all "Standard Specifications" are now free to download!

Have you ever complained that standards are hard to find! The standards revision process is not yet open and transparent enough! It's hard to comment on the content and implementation of the standard.? To solve these problems for you, The Standards Committee spent two years organizing the development and construction of "National Public Service Platform for Standards Information" It finally went live for a trial run on December 28, 2017!

How amazing is this public interest national standards resource service platform?? Come with China Curtain Wall Let's experience it together!

1、What is the National Standard Information Public Service Platform?

The National Public Service Platform for Standards Information is a public service platform for standards information of public interest, which is specifically undertaken by the Standards Information Center of the National Standards Committee to serve government agencies, domestic enterprises and institutions and the public, with the goal of becoming a unified portal for standardized information resources such as national standards, international standards, foreign standards, industry standards, local standards, enterprise standards and group standards, and providing users with "one-stop" services.

You can search the website for information about national standards, such as the full text of published national standards; Information on the national standards process under development; Feedback on national standards; Technical Committee and Member Information; Of course, you can also search the catalog information and detailed information links of international, foreign, industry, local, enterprise and group standards, in short, all the information you need on standards can be found here!

2、 What are the unique secrets of the platform?

There are so many standard service platforms on the internet at the moment, What are the unique secrets of the National Public Service Platform for Standards Information??

complimentary! complimentary! complimentary! It's important to say it three times.!

Our platform is a public interest resource service platform, Standard question book on the Platform, bulletin、 Information on the development and revision process is made available to the public free of charge, And the full text of the national standard has been made public, As the platform is further developed, Increasingly, the full text of industry and local standards will be available for free here or through。

Authority! Authority! Authority!

The platform is organized by the Standards Committee to build, The standards information data on the platform are all derived from the data information generated by the standardization work management system of the National Standards Committee or the International Standards Organization(ISO、IEC)、 Foreign standardization bodies、 Standards resources authorized for use by domestic standardization bodies!

Interaction! Interaction! Interaction!

Now that the platform is open, the standard making and revision work is further open and transparent, you can track the standard making work from the beginning of the project, you can publish your comments and suggestions at the stage of standard making public, the stage of standard consultation, and the stage after the standard is released and implemented, so that your comments and suggestions can be directly delivered to the standard making organization and management organization through our information feedback system.

Full! Full! Full!

The platform brings together national、 international、 overseas、 industry、 area、 companies、 group standard, A one-stop shop for you、 Through the universal search engine, All you have to do is enter the keyword, You can get the most comprehensive standard information!!

in time! in time! in time!

The platform has a team of data professionals, Full text of national standards、 international、 Foreign standard resources will be processed and published at the first time, At the same time, the national public service platform for standard information has been established through the standard data exchange interface and the national standard making and revision、 technical committee、 Real-time exchange of data, such as the standard filing system of the line landmarks, Timeliness is absolutely guaranteed!

Big data! Big data! Big data!

Through deep mining of various standard data in the national standard information public service platform, Establishing standard resource linkages across tiers, You can can go through the technical committee、 Drafting unit、 drafters、 Search for the relevant country、 go、 place、 International and foreign standards!

3、 How to access the National Public Service Platform for Standards Information?

There are currently two ways to access the National Public Service Platform for Standards Information:

2、 Click on the link to the National Standards Information Public Service Platform on the home page of the Standards Committee website to access。

source (of information etc): China Standard Information Service

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