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Status and problems of the automated system for aviation intelligence

Aeronautical intelligence material is the collection, dissection, and assembly of aeronautical data followed by the formation of

into the material. The Flight Information Service Centre (FISC) of the Civil Aviation Administration Air Traffic Control Bureau (CAAC), as

Served as the national civil aviation information centre for the review, consolidation and dissemination of aviation information materials

Work. An automated system of aviation intelligence used to handle the daily production tasks of the intelligence center, as a codification

The primary thing for the publication of aviation intelligence materials, in advancing the development of China's civil aviation transport work over

The process has played an important effect. However, with the increasing volume of aviation services, various navigation

New technologies are being implemented rapidly, and the existing systems are no longer able to satisfy the current life style in terms of structure and functionality.

production needs and may pose a serious risk to safe operation. In view of this, the proposal to build

Imagining an automated platform for aerospace intelligence production.

I. Status of and problems with the automated system for aviation information

With the rapid increase in the volume of civil aviation services and the implementation of various new civil aviation technologies

use, placing greater demands on data completeness, accuracy and timeliness. However, now

There is an automated system of aviation intelligence that is no longer satisfactory for our entire civil aviation system and the aviation intelligence

The need for the rapid development of the reporting service itself is evident in the following areas.

(i) Lack of harmonization of data sources

The existing use systems differ in the moment of development nodes and in the aerial intelligence products supplied due to

The systems used are independent of each other, and the same data needs to be protected in multiple systems. For example.

Both the Aeronautical Intelligence Release System and the Civil Airport Raw Material Reporting System operate to protect the domestic

airport data associated with the terminal area, but the two system database structures and data item precision, depiction

The methods are all different and data cannot be shared between the two systems through the interface.

(ii) Lack of useful quality control

The existing aviation intelligence automation system uses many systems and disorganized data sources within the aviation intelligence

Lack of a unified system management mechanism and quality in the process of collecting, packing and publishing report data

manipulation tools, the difficulty of releasing products with high quality in the context of large data volumes and heavy production tasks

The degree is great.

(iii) Existing air intelligence data not fully utilized

Nowadays, the aviation intelligence automation system contains various usage systems, all of which have built their own matching

Set of databases. Although all types of data are stored in databases, there is no inter-database

Establishing direct linkages and data sharing mechanisms, and not having the proper software to convert them to use

Data sets or products that are in demand by households. This has resulted in aviation data not being fully utilized and data resources being put on hold.

II. Need for the construction of an automated system for aviation intelligence

(i) The need to ensure civil aviation flight safety and improve data and product quality

The production of aviation intelligence products and data is a messy transactional process, and each part of the

Processing can all affect the integrity and accuracy of the data. In response to the above, the Intelligence Centre should

The regulation of the entire air intelligence data production process is accomplished by technical means, thus providing aviation

Intelligence service users supply high-quality aviation intelligence data to ensure the safe and efficient operation of civil aviation flights.


(ii) Satisfy the increasing demand for aviation intelligence data and products from users

Following the development of information technology, EFB has gained wide use in the civil aviation industry. aviation situation

reporting material as the core data of EFB, in addition to echoing the completeness, accuracy and real-time

The requirements are in addition to the need for scientific and efficient organization of the data. Through this air intelligence

Automation system upgrade, we will provide domestic aviation intelligence material users with reasonable planning

The EFB data production and correction process to supply data for the coming digital driving warehouse


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