Still don't know what to get for 520, these are the gods you must know

In a few days it will be May 20, and because 520 has the resonance of I love you, this day has become a popular confession day every year, mainly because young people can play with romance. So what exactly are the gifts that you want to please your sweetheart and have the right price? In response, Nubia is once again on sale on 520 for the new phones for confession day, plus other stylish camera phones at very affordable prices. Undoubtedly the perfect gift for confession day. So what models of phones does Nubia actually have to help us get out of the title of single dog? Better come along and find out!

Nubia Z18mini

This is a phone that makes all women scream, the Nubia Z18mini face can be very high, using 3D curved glass on the back, and now available in celadon blue, very stylish and beautiful. In terms of performance, the Nubia Z18mini is powered by a Snapdragon 660 AIE processor, 6GB of RAM and up to 128GB of storage body, which is still strong as far as hardware is concerned. The system comes with the new nubia UI Z18mini Custom Edition, which makes the phone run very smoothly because of the AI artificial intelligence and app freezing technology.

Of course, the photography is the biggest highlight of the Nubia Z18mini, with 24 megapixels in HD and a large F1.7 aperture, along with Nubia's exclusive multi-focus technology, which has the advantage of a large focusing area and fast focus. Plus there is the advantage of AI artificial intelligence as well as ten levels of beauty, the photos can be excellent, allowing the goddess to take beautiful and natural photos with ease. And Nubia Z18mini price is also very real, from 1799 yuan compared to the same configuration or the same price of the phone, are very cost-effective, is definitely the best gift choice for 520, this phone will be on sale again on May 21, to this phone as a gift but also to grab, after all, many people are waiting for Nubia Z18mini as a gift to the goddess it!

Nubia V18

as far as sth is concerned Nubia V18 This phone, The heat is also very high, Multiple open sales sold out instantly, Nubia V18 Nebula Red has recently been launched, act as520 The gifts are also excellent。 In terms of screens, Nubia V18 Using a piece of6.01 inch (English)18:9 ofFHD+ Ultra HD Full Screen, Brings better visuals, This is for women who like to catch up on the show, The super-sized screen makes catching up more sensational。

moreover Nubia V18 There's also the advantage of extra-long battery life, Equipped with a4000mAh Extra large battery。 Plus there'sNeoPower3.0 technical, Give your phone energy-saving and power-saving features, You don't have to worry about your phone running out of battery even if you're catching up on a show overnight。 It also performs well in photography, It is equipped with a1300 Megapixel HD camera, matchPDAF Phase Focus Technology, It is possible to achieve0.1s Focusing speed, Plus there's a ten-level beauty feature, Fully capable of meeting women's photo needs, The price of this phone1299 $ is also very affordable。

Nubia 17S

To talk about stylish and beautiful, Nubia Z17S can be said to be the most stylish and beautiful flagship phone at present, the bezel-less all-screen is its biggest highlight, once at the MWC to overseas consumers attention. The phone can be considered very strong in terms of performance, with a Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB of running memory and 64GB storage body, plus there is the latest system nubia UI 5.1 upgraded by Nubia, which makes the phone more fluid while also bringing the game Do Not Disturb feature. The photo, the front and rear dual camera four cameras outside plus the excellent genes of Nubia photo, fully able to meet the needs of young people selfie or photo, the price of this phone 2699 yuan compared to other phones with the same configuration, is also very worth buying.

Nubia Z17

As a flagship phone, the Nubia Z17 is also very beautiful with the advantage of no bezel, performance, Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB of running memory and 64GB storage body, and Nubia's latest upgrade nubia UI 5.0 system, making the phone a better experience. As for the photography, there's a 23M+12M zoom dual camera, and at $2299 it's a very satisfying gift for 520.

Nubia Z17miniS

This phone can be said to be very stylish and beautiful, the value is very high, using 3D curved glass design, plus there is also love sea blue color scheme makes this phone more upscale at the same time also brings better visual effect. And the phone also has dual front and rear camera photography, especially with AI portrait photography, which allows the phone to bring better portrait photography. Plus there's 6GB of running memory and 64GB of storage on board, and with Nubia's new system, this is a great phone, and it's a great value for money to get for $1499.

Nubia Z17mini

Probably one of the most affordable and meaningful phones for confession day, (located) at520 Limited time on confession day for only520 primary。 Nubia Z17mini This phone can be very good, Performance wise it is also very strong,6GB+64GB Memory combinations, Plus there'snubia UI5.0 System Plus, The phone is very smooth to use。 moreover Nubia Z17mini Photo performance is excellent, dual postposition1300 The megapixels are in addition to the0.1s PDAF Hybrid focus as well as beauty and Nubia's unique photo mode, The goddess will love it.。

Now, with just two days left until confession day, perhaps a Nubia phone would be a good choice if you are one of the many people who are struggling with what to buy as a gift. Nubia phones have always been not only high value, but also have a photo effect comparable to SLR, so I think they can fully satisfy the goddess' pursuit of fashion and photos. Moreover, Nubia has launched new products and special offers for the confession day, which will definitely be the most affordable and practical gift for the confession day!

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