cool hit counter Still worried about cybersecurity? Don't panic, the Black Dragon has a great way to protect the net!_Intefrankly

Still worried about cybersecurity? Don't panic, the Black Dragon has a great way to protect the net!

with web Security for the people, cybersecurity by the people" Thematic web Safety Awareness Week is underway across the province. Heilongjiang Province has been focusing on network security supervision, and the competent department of Internet information has escorted network information security by taking the lead in launching the construction of a situational awareness and emergency response platform.

The situational awareness and emergency response platform covers the host protection capability to key websites in the province, pilot deployment of detection capability to important information systems and critical infrastructure, and unified data collection to the Heilongjiang Internet Information Office, on the basis of which analysis, research and response are conducted, taking a solid step towards all-round perception of network security posture.

"In the past, we knew that there could be some security concerns with the site, but exactly what went wrong, at what points and when the problems arose might not be known. But after building the platform through our current phase, we know who, when, accessed the platform. Whether he is malicious or well-intentioned, when there is a problem, we can shut down the site with one click to prevent the impact from spreading further. "Antian Technology technical director Sun Jinchao introduced to.

In recent years, the impact of data security incidents has gradually expanded to different levels of national politics, economy and people's livelihood, involving national critical infrastructure, industrial and commercial systems, etc. Data security is more complex and volatile than traditional security, posing a new challenge to national security governance capabilities.

The construction of Heilongjiang Province's network security situational awareness and emergency disposal platform has strongly combated cyber crimes and made cyber space clearer.

Source: Dragon TV News Feed

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