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Stop learning C with VC6!

Many students who studied C in college had the experience that The program is buggy, it only reports an error when it runs, and the error message is in English, and what's even more unbearable is that the error message is incorrect! The painful "finding the difference" has caused many people to give up learning C. The result is that a comma and semicolon are missing, or the word is written wrong.

It's the tool's fault! A good tool should have at least two functions. 1.Write down a few letters to prompt words to prevent misspellings. 2.There are hints for errors and omissions before they are even run.

Why is JAVA simple? This has something to do with the early existence of Eclipse, a tool that has the second point and triggers the first point manually, and then IDEA has both and more powerful features so it becomes a better tool, what about C? Also available. CLion from the same company.

In fact, some time ago has been concerned about just starting to learn C language students and teachers, exhorting them not to use VC6, but the university C language teaching group still appeared in the article at the beginning of the kind of simple bug problem, for which I personally measured the several software that people use:.

None of them missed the hint by mistake!

And VS2017 installation configuration is not newbie friendly and big. CLion requires only one more compiler to install, and with the same interface and shortcuts as tools like IDEA, it is very beneficial to use this company's products when learning other languages as well. There is currently no community version, but you can apply for free access through your student ID.

Some people say that using too good a tool affects basic learning, but "sharpening the knife" is something we've known since we were kids, and spending a small amount of time learning a better tool and not wasting it on checking commas is the right way to learn, isn't it?

The next step is to teach you the introductory use of CLion. 1.Download Clion

2.Apply for the education version for free

3.Install, if you don't have Java installed you can download it here

4.Chineseization (optional, will cause slowdown and some bugs) Just put resources_cn.jar into the lib directory, for example D:Program FilesJetBrainsCLion 2017.3.4lib

5.Open the software and set up the compiler

Open Settings

Once inside, click on the plus sign here and click on the blue Download to download the compiler, or go directly to After installation, configure the directory as follows

Adding a compiler illustration

Once configured, click New Project and select C Executable and the directory to create the project Wait for the progress bar in the bottom right corner to run the program by clicking on the green triangle

Running diagram

Have a look at my IDEA tutorial for reference, a lot of it is generic.

It used to be said that Tan Ho Chiang, a textbook full of errors and omissions and uncritical of code style, was misleading, and that VC6 made us take time and effort.

Many people sayC Language pointer is difficult to understand, Actually, a pointer is just an operator, harmony& corresponds: *address, so that the value of the address can be taken & variable, This will take the address of the variable

Here's another link for learning various languages, students learning C can also learn Go Using Chrome to translate the official website is also a way to learn. There are also training materials that you can find on Taobao or forums from institutions such as Transnational, and those documents are also better written.

Now Python is hot, by the time you get into the course hopefully also teach with Pycahrm out of JetBrain, don't teach the whole command line or notepad, it ruins everyone's confidence in learning programming from high school.

Thank you for reading.

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