Successive major website upgrades since May 17, 99.8% of miners don't know

23 data centers in 178 countries covering more than 500 cities worldwide [doing something]

♻ The World Environmental Entrepreneurship Foundation was established in Hong Kong in 2015 and is dedicated to supporting the development of the world's environmental industry by sponsoring environmental entrepreneurship projects that contribute sustainably to solving the world's environmental problems.

♻ In 2016, we moved our foundation headquarters to Geneva to provide comprehensive capacity building for young leaders interested in environmental entrepreneurship through Project Grants, Institutional Grants, and the Student Green Ambassador Program, and to work with people from all walks of life to support environmental protection, educate and call for public support and participation in social and environmental improvement, and explore the future direction of environmental protection together to build a green planet.

♻ In 2017, we launched a blockchain technology-based digital currency project: Green entrepreneurship Coin. The issuance rate of Green entrepreneurship Coin will be reduced by half every five years according to an equal series, eventually reaching a total of about 8 billion pieces, with a quantity of one piece per capita worldwide.

In the face of increasing environmental pollution and shortage of natural resources, the World Environmental Entrepreneurship Foundation (WEEF) is committed to providing more opportunities for young people and businesses that care about and love the environment and are willing to start their own businesses to contribute to the orderly development of the world.


Official Website


The official website does cdn node acceleration


Cloudflare professional cdn node acceleration

Cloudflare is an American multinational technology company headquartered in San Francisco with an office in London, UK.

Cloudflare's main business is to provide web security management, performance optimization and related technical support to its customers. Through a reverse proxy-based ContentDeliveryNetwork (CDN) and DistributedDomainNameServer, Cloudflare helps protect sites against most web attacks, including DenialofService attacks, ensuring that the site is online for the long term while improving site performance, access speed and visitor experience.


Cloudflare's business areas

Cloudflare offers a security service that helps websites block hacking, spam, etc. from the web and improves the speed of web browsing, which is very different from the usual security software that tends to affect the speed of web pages. Cloudflare currently has 23 data centers around the world, and if a user uses its service, then network traffic will be intelligently routed through Cloudflare's global network. Cloudflare automatically optimizes the user's web page delivery for the fastest page load times as well as optimal performance. Cloudflare offers services including CDN, optimization tools, security, analytics, and applications.


Miner mining system Microsoft offers services

Windows Azure is Microsoft's cloud-based operating system, now renamed "Microsoft Azure", which, like Azure Services Platform, is the name of Microsoft's "software and services" technology. The main goal of Windows Azure is to provide a platform for developers to help develop applications that can run on cloud servers, data centers, the Web, and PCs. Cloud developers have access to the storage, computing power and network infrastructure services of Microsoft's global data centers. The Azure Services Platform includes the following major components: Windows Azure; Microsoft SQL Database Services, Microsoft . Net service; Live service for sharing, storing and synchronizing files; Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM services for business.

Azure is a flexible and interoperable platform that can be used to create applications that run in the cloud or enhance existing applications with cloud-based features. Its open architecture gives developers the choice of web applications, applications for connected devices, personal computers, servers, or providing optimal online complex solutions. Windows Azure provides a software + services approach to computing with cloud technology at its core. It is the foundation of the Azure Services Platform. Azure can tightly integrate the capabilities of individual developers in the cloud with services hosted in Microsoft's global network of data centers, such as storage, compute and network infrastructure services.

Microsoft Build 2017 developer conference announces Azure support for fully cloud-based Bash Shell scripts.

Next (just bragging, not making any basis)

1, the platform had now said on the third party will do regulation through the actual trading volume to do only up and not down.

So here's the question, everyone knows that a trading platform is a purely public place to trade digital currencies, how can you do that? It's June 22 today in '18, and looking back objectively the platform is still doing things for real and has laid the groundwork for going third party and achieving only up " Trader "

A fee is deducted from withdrawals by " trader " as a platform operating expense

Regular miners still intranet transactions 30% of the fees as a fund for the Foundation. and the president ambassador dividends, (assuming) this program is the ambitious plan of the platform, GEC will certainly be " evergreen "

Specifically, there is a mezzanine between the GEC intranet - the trading platform, and this mezzanine is the "trader"

From the perspective of the platform's overall planning, and the path taken in the past, the GEC platform will be a unique "intranet trading" + "openness" in the future. Of course that's just my little opinion/imagination, so if you don't like it, forget about it!!! If it does come true, then give yourself an encouraging applause ......

2, on how the platform has changed in recent times and how everything is actually planned ...... Everything is built on the premise of believing, if you do not believe, it is useless to say more, " faith, belief" is cultivated, cultivation requires a process to achieve, requires trials and tribulations, can not withstand the bear can not be called " faith" ...... Just like relationships, two people quarrel and fight is a common thing, but where a quarrel is not too hasty divorce ...... One thought on "Time to Buy, Time to Sell, Time to Count ......

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