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Surprise! CAD mapping software is surprising

Introduction to CAD Drafting Software

It's been a long time, folks!

The following two CAD drafting software are introduced to you.

Electrical CAD harmonyAutoCAD2007

Part I: Electrical CAD

i.e.PCschematic ELautomation

It is suitable for people engaged in strong electricity to use, the database is more complete, and the drawing is more convenient than CAD, but the operating habits are somewhat not adaptable, and EPLAN than, there is still a gap between the function and stability, CAD input and output is not very good, I hope and everyone more communication learning.

Someone said this.To the professional Electrical CAD (computer) softwarePCschematic ELautomation Make a full understanding, You must first take a deep breath, Get ready to cheer.。 Because it's so great.。—— And it's easy to learn.。

-Easy to learn to operate

-Complete database of component suppliers

-Automatic update of the list

-Update all project programme references online

-Object-oriented project programme

-Reacts quickly to user needs

This software can be used wherever there is a need for electrical design, be it for individuals, companies, factories, design institutes, etc. Individual users may be concerned about how quickly they can produce electrical design drawings, while some large enterprise users are more interested in the software's networking capabilities, interface with database systems, intelligent reference instructions, and compliance with relevant electrical standards, etc. All of this has been addressed in the software.

Here are the highlights


PCsELcad installation crack, Chinese instructions.

Tap PCsELcad 10.0.1 Chinese version to install; you can use it after installation.

If the code is messed up or if it says it's a DEMO version, please change theD:PCSELCAD V10.0.1 underSTANDARDSYMBOLPROJECT The three folders are overwritten with the STANDARD, SYMBOL, and PROJECT folders in the zip package, and the overwriting solves the problem of garbled code and the prompt being a DEMO.

If you want to upgrade to10.0.2 version, runuel1002I.exe file, and then also overwrite the file in the installation folder with the file from the PCS10.02 Chinese-English patch.


The following is the work of the editor.

Part II.AutoCAD2007

CAD in AutoCAD 2007 is the abbreviation of Computer Aided Design, which refers to computer-aided design. AutoCAD from the American company Autodesk is a widely used CAD software at present.

In general, it is suitable for a wide range of mechanical and construction applications.

Autodesk developed the drawing program package AutoCAD in the early 1980s for the application of CAD technology on microcomputers, and after continuous perfection, it has now become an internationally popular drawing tool. It has perfect graphics drawing function, powerful graphics editing function, can be used in various ways for secondary development or user customization, can be converted to a variety of graphics formats, has strong data exchange capabilities, and supports a variety of hardware devices and operating platforms. AutoCAD can draw any two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics, and compared with the traditional manual drawing, AutoCAD drawing is faster, more accurate, and easy to personality, it has been widely used in many fields such as aerospace, shipbuilding, construction, machinery, electronics, chemical industry, art and textile, and has achieved fruitful results and great economic benefits.

Here's the point.



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