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TECHNOLOGY: Driverless buses are here, do you dare to ride them?

"Driverless cars."

Who would have thought that

It's coming so fast!


A cool driverless bus that

Already in Wuhan Official commercial operation.

Without a steering wheel.

No dashboard.

No driving! Drive! Post!

Capacity: 14 passengers

The front end does not have a driver's seat like a traditional car, and relies on body-mounted millimeter-wave radar, ultrasonic radar, and cameras to sense the surroundings and make decisions via an on-board computing center.

And each vehicle is also equipped with a safety officer who can brake the vehicle in case of emergency.

Driverless is starting trials around the world, with a journalist taking a test ride in a driverless minibus .

Driverless cars are typically operated by four to five computer software and are equipped with a global positioning system that can receive 20 satellite signals simultaneously.

A driverless car is effectively a robot. The sensors and cameras installed in the car are the eyes, the computer system on board is the equivalent of the brain, and the wheels are the feet. This year, the first batch of open road test number plates for smart connected cars in the country have been issued in Shanghai.

The test section is densely populated with vehicles, with large cargoes driving by from time to time

The driverless vehicles were tested on the road, and there were not many pedestrians, but there were a lot of vehicles, and from time to time large trucks drove by. At red lights, the car will stop by itself, and when turning around, the car will automatically wait for subsequent vehicles to pass before starting.

To accommodate driverless cars on the road, intelligent modifications to traffic lights have been completed on some open roads. Smart vehicles pass by and automatically know if there is a red light ahead.

Driverless will disrupt the entire auto industry when it becomes generally available.

1. Driving schools may disappear

After the widespread use of drones, there may not be a need for too many driving schools to exist.

2. Possible decrease in insurance premiums

While auto insurance companies base their insurance rates on an individual's driving history, driverless technology turns drivers into passengers, and liability for crashes caused by driverless cars could shift to car manufacturers, software developers, or transportation departments.

3. Car repairers will become IT specialists

Driverless cars will require advanced technology to become a reality, and auto repair technicians will become IT specialists, not just responsible for fixing machinery.

4. Professional drivers will also be reduced

The advent of driverless cars will reduce the market demand for truck drivers, taxi drivers and other professional drivers.

Technology changes lives.

Let's look forward to it together!

The Voice of Sichuan 981 Media Production

Source: CCTV News, Chutian General Radio, Sichuan Traffic Radio

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