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TFBOYS meal ticket is a scam and a start

Let me preface this by saying I'm not a TFBOYS fan and I don't even know who they are or what they have to offer. I'm going to explain this purely from the perspective of blockchain technology, blockchain economics.

After this TFBOYS meal ticket thing came out, comments from all walks of life launched a discussion, with a large number of people who know how to watch without understanding. Today is kind of the wind down, so let's take a cooler look at this thing. Of course the site is no longer open and the basis of my analysis of the material may be skewed.

My point: it's a good thing that's been made into a bad thing.

Let's probably recap what happened that day. Let's assume, for a moment, that some fan of TFBOYS who knows a thing or two about blockchain wants to support his idol through blockchain technology. Then there is the following website.

When it goes online, those in the loop who understand will see it and see that there are huge holes. The whole design is rough. Whether unaware or with some ulterior motive, there is indeed a suspicion of enrichment. But it's also true that people do vote, human nature.

Soon after, TFBOYS' economic company released a statement righteously clearing the air.

This is supposed to be one of the shortest blockchain projects.

Why this is a good thing is because the blockchain economy + fan economy can really do a lot of things and the future is promising. I'll throw in a question:

How do you prove you're a TFBOYS fan?

How do you prove it? Isn't the best way to do that the blockchain? Not dependent on any individual, institution. You just own it! The more you have, the more you love. More permanent than diamonds. There's actually a deeper understanding here, to put it mildly, the blockchain economy is a combination of decentralization + centralization in this scenario. Until consensus reaches a certain scale, the guarantee of centralization is crucial.

When I've thought about the blockchain economy before, it always comes down to the question of how the real world can be objectively linked to the physical world. I understand through this example. Humanity will also be an important safeguard for links to be built. So I personally think there is a huge scope for a blockchain economy + fan economy.

Don't mention tokens always in abhorrence, or even do everything possible to not mention them. Aren't passes and Tokens all the same thing? We need to understand what the nature of this new thing is so that we don't go out and abuse it and misuse it. So why do you say this project made the wrong thing? On the surface, it does appear to be illegal fund-raising. Such a rush to get on the exchange and to cash in is not the mindset to do something. Whether or not it is tradable is essentially a difference and an important part of the economic ecology. But that does not mean that it cannot be traded and the project cannot be carried out. Let's look at the role of meal tickets.

It is very comprehensive, covering multi-dimensional operation means of copyright protection, fan economy, performance ticketing, star peripherals, and idol value operation. Needless to say, the addition of the blockchain economy will make the original operation more efficient and sticky. If there are tokens circulating in this ecology, what is his nature? Answering that question also makes it clear how ecology can play well. Does it mean you own it, or pay for it.

Many people don't understand why fans are so crazy and why they are so relaxed about huge bounties for anchors. I don't understand it either, but I ask you all to remember that it's human nature. Please respect humanity.

In any change, there is always some foolish attempt at the beginning. But no doubt a good start was made, and those who come after will do better as they learn from the experience.

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