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"Taibao-Samsung Innovation Application Lab" was inaugurated and launched

4month10 sun, China Pacific Life Insurance and Samsung Electronics held "Taibao-Samsung Innovation Application Lab" was inaugurated and launched ceremonial。 This new release of“ juvenile delinquents- Samsung Innovation Application Lab” It's for2014 The first insurance technology laboratory in the domestic insurance industry established in 2007“ China Pacific Mobile Application Lab” of reloading and upgrading, Targeting the insurance industry as a showcase for innovation、 Innovation Incubation Centre and Innovation Application Impact Centre, Higher hardware specifications, Showcasing more cutting-edge technology, A richer scene experience。

It is understood that the newly completed "Taibao-Samsung Innovation Application Lab" is designed around the digital journey of insurance customers, with nine functional areas, including Big Data Display Area, Star Product Matrix, Vibrant Dream Home, Crafty Coffee Shop, Technology Studio, Smart Operation Area, Customer Experience Store, Samsung Dream Workshop and Inspired New Beginning, fully demonstrating Taibao Life Insurance's R&D capability of integrating new technologies such as mobile internet, artificial intelligence, AR, big data and other innovations with insurance business application scenarios. At the same time, new technologies such as e-ink, hologram, big data visualization and AI robot guide are innovatively used in the display format to bring a refreshing experience to the visitors.

As a leader in the technology industry, Samsung Electronics has always had a deep insight into the needs of the industry and has driven the industry forward with "meaningful innovation". The "Tai Bao-Samsung Innovation Application Lab" is a strong alliance between Tai Bao Life Insurance and Samsung Electronics. Samsung cooperates with Tai Bao Life Insurance with its rich product lines and technology reserves, and provides customized solutions, combining smartphones, wearable devices, Bixby AI, IoT and other terminal devices and leading technologies with the work of insurance agents, maximizing the use of leading technology to support them and further upgrading Tai Bao Life Insurance's mobile Internet ecological layout.

In recent years, China Pacific Life Insurance has taken the lead in the industry in laying out the mobile Internet ecology in line with the trend of mobile Internet development, building B- and C-terminal mobile application platforms, and successfully creating platform-level products such as "Shen Xing Tai Bao", "Pacific Life Insurance" APP and "Pacific Life Insurance" WeChat service number. It also focuses on the digital experience of customers and reconstructs the insurance service process through the analysis of the whole life cycle of customers' policies and the deep excavation of insurance service pain points. In the purchase process, the laboratory developed two products, "Cloud Insurance" and "Long Term Insurance e-Policy", to shorten the distance between time and space and improve the efficiency of insurance; in the policy service process, the use of "Face Recognition" and "Yang Yang Intelligent Customer Service", to bring customers a safer and more intimate service experience; in the policy claims process, the development of "Tai e-Claim" products, so that customers can apply and check the policy claims without leaving home.

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