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Taito Readathon helps bookish supervisory district

April, World Book Day

The provincial readathon has just ignited a passion for reading for all

Taito Reading Promotion Doesn't Stop

Yesterday, in a special place

Linhai Prison, Zhejiang Province

Readathon rekindles passion for reading

Let the fragrance of books flow through the prison area

Let reading accompany the new students

Moving more confidently into a better future

On June 4, the activity of "Reading Marathon in the Prison District" sponsored by Zhejiang Library, Provincial Linhai Prison and Taizhou Library was held in the teaching building of the prison. 24 inmates selected by each prison district participated in the competition.

The format of the event is the same as the "Readathon" held in public libraries across the province in April, with the reading of the book "What Jobs Will Artificial Intelligence Take? After reading and answering the questions via paper answer sheet, answer 20 questions in 20 minutes to be considered successful in the challenge.

Transformation and artificial intelligence are both hot topics nowadays. The book "What Jobs Will Artificial Intelligence Take" is a window and a way to understand society for those who are serving time, on the other hand, to catch up with the trend of the times, they must recognize the direction of future development, understand the law of career development and think about their way forward.

"There used to be very little time for quiet reading, after serving time in prison instead there was enough time to read, six hours of reading time was a great test of perseverance and concentration, but we got it all done." He also won the competition with a 40-minute reading time, said convict Chen.

"This readathon, with the same competition titles and the same rules, the results of the inmates who participated were nothing compared to the 423 province-wide event. We hope to collaborate more with the prison in the future and hold more events like this to help inmates move on to a new life in the smell of books. "It's a great opportunity to learn more about the city," said Zhang Jinhui, deputy director of the Taizhou City Library.

As one of the activities of the Year of Reading and Cultivating the Heart in Linhai Prison, the activity of "Reading Marathon in the Prison District" is another useful cooperation between Linhai Prison and Taizhou Library after the mobile library sent books to the prison. Since this year, the provincial Linhai prison has made full use of social forces to help educate the inmates, and on the basis of building a cultural base with the Taizhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, and the Taizhou City Library, to carry out in-depth cooperation, floating bookshelves, book delivery, mobile libraries and other activities, to create a strong atmosphere of reading in the prison area, to stimulate inmates to read for fun, to develop good reading habits, to guide inmates to read more, to read good books, to read in peace of mind, to reap the rewards of rehabilitation.

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