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Taking stock of the tidbits between TrustNote and Iron Fans (III)

Old timers, the third installment of TrustNote's Fan Stories feature is here as promised! Thank you for your attention and companionship, the little stories with us in our daily operations are what keep us going. With a sincere desire to make friends with you old timers, I write these funny, heartwarming tidbits.

Story 1: TTT is coming to Bit-Z

Bit-Z has made an official announcement that TTT is coming to town. The news has sparked a buzz in various communities. Some of the old iron were very unhappy about landing on the Bit-Z exchange, but as another part of the iron fans said, the Choose to believe in TTT because I believe in the future technological development and ecological value of TTT , the real iron fan is the need to rationally analyze the holdability of TTT, rather than with a short-term speculative mentality, such a rush to gain in the current market non-bullish environment, it is very difficult to get a good return.

Instead, it is true faith to put your mind at ease, carefully analyze the core value of each project, identify it and then continuously focus on holding it for the long term, and work with your team to maintain it. I'm also grateful to the old timers who have been with TTT on this journey. TrustNote technical team is also working day and night on the development of the underlying public chain, and the team's ambition is not only limited to 100x coins and 1000x coins, but the future representatives of the underlying public chain, truly realizing the ecological world of blockchain with high traffic and high concurrency.

Story 2: TrustNote's new official website goes live

This week, the latest version of the official TrustNote website went live at 18:18 on 24 April 2018. In order to let users know more about TrustNote project details, the new website has added a new browser and test network portal, welcoming you to "Empower Token New Economy" together with TrustNote.

In the updated new version of the official website, the founder of TrustNote project, Mr. Zhou, mentioned, "Why blockchain applications still can't get off the ground? "Blockchain applications are only a pipe dream if you can't support massive numbers of users and high concurrency to talk about applications. For those of you who know TrustNote, you know that TrustNote's goal is to "empower the new Token economy". And TrustNote public chain high-performance, scalable, easy to develop and other project features are sufficient to support TrustNote to achieve our goals, and look forward to more old iron believe in TrustNote future.

Story 3: TTT officially goes live on the exchange

Although TTT just landed on the exchange yesterday listing price plummeted, also triggered some old iron complaints, but compared to the Ether price, TTT still keep the pace of synchronization oh. And at this point. I also appreciate that some of the old timers can see through the surface of the price to the truth of the value of the project.

Currently, the TrustNote team publishes weekly progress on the project, such as Optimization and update of wallet, new version of the official website, building of digital pass platform, stress test and optimization of the main chain, mining rules specification, etc. Each step shows that the team is working on the technology and is committed to the growth of the underlying public chain one step at a time.


Good coins are not always good prices, and this price reflects the lack of awareness of the market for the coins. Expect more expectations from the project side~

I appreciate the support of this veteran, and TTT's value will definitely appreciate as the project progresses and the cryptocurrency market shifts. The TrustNote project team is following the roadmap of the project white paper and will announce the progress of the project every week, so let's look forward to TrustNote becoming the representative of blockchain 3.0!

And then maybe it really will be one T and one villa... think of the beauty!!!

Welcome more veterans to join us and let's witness the future growth of the underlying public chain together.

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