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Talking to those of you who love light novels, I wonder if you're interested in this insider project

It's time for another routine ad post today, and this time I want to talk to you about a site I just recently built.

As a fan of light novels, I can't always find the right site to find the books I want when I want to find something to read, and there are the latest works from the handiwork group, and I'm not sure where to look for them for now.

Not being technically savvy myself, I am currently using an open source template and the current content is online.

My intention is not to make a pirate light novel site, but to make it possible for people to find their favorite light novels quickly; whether it's buying physical books, reading online versions, or even getting the latest translation progress, providing a place for people to get information quickly will accomplish the goal!

The website is very imperfect at the moment and is currently defined as an internal testing phase, which needs to be continuously improved to reach the final result.

1, will PHP, understand the relevant PHP development, can gradually improve the functionality of the website

2、Will UI and beautify the website according to the planning

3、Operation staff, have a lot of energy and time, willing to assist together to build the site

At the moment this is just a hobby project, the server and other costs are paid for by me and I can't pay for it at the moment. Of course, if it's particularly impressive, you can negotiate a modest payment.

Even if people don't want to participate, I'll take my time building this site up.

3、ProcessingRegistration is now open for Intro to Generative Art Line classes
4、Cangzhou mahjong cheat Cangzhou mahjong seethrough software Cangzhou mahjong hangout aids
5、Neural networks implemented with light instead of electrons can do basic character and object recognition

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