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Tan Xiaoping: Developing Big Data Industry to Make Changsha a "Creative" City

On January 19, Tan Xiaoping, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of United Front Work, conducted field research on some key enterprises in the city's big data industry chain. Ding Wen, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Group of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Zhang Fen, Deputy Director of the Information and Communication Bureau of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, participated in the research.

Tan Xiaoping visited Hunan Xiangpost Technology Co., Ltd. and Zendong (Changsha) Cloud Valley Technology Park to understand the operation of the enterprises and the advanced technology they mastered, and to communicate with the relevant persons in charge of the enterprises on the spot about what supporting policies are needed to support them in the process of development.

Tan Xiaoping

Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee

Minister of United Front Work of the Municipal Party Committee

Big Data is one of the industries that the municipal government pays the most attention to among the 22 emerging and advantageous industrial chains in Changsha industry, and it is also one of the biggest difficulties in the development of the next 22 industrial chains. Successfully conquering this problem and developing the big data industry into a pillar industry of Changsha's emerging economy will greatly enhance Changsha's urban reputation and make Changsha a "creative" city. The development of big data plays the role of "bull's nose" in the development of all new industries, and the development of all industries and people's lives will be greatly enhanced if the big data industry is well grasped. Big data industry to grow bigger and stronger, there must be core enterprises to do support, in the growth of data enterprises to do a good job of industrial development planning, while playing the enterprise in the industry's information advantages, the introduction of more outstanding enterprises stationed in Changsha, to achieve cluster development. We should encourage big data enterprises to set up big data industry alliances, open up the data market, exchange data for industry, and at the same time introduce support policies that are more relevant to the big data industry, and promote the big data industry to be at the forefront of the 22 emerging and advantageous industrial chains in Changsha industry.




Hunan Xiangpost Technology Co. It mainly focuses on five main businesses: application software, GIS BeiDou application, financial intelligent security application, system integration and product manufacturing, and has ten core technologies of platform development, database development, printing control, mechatronics, satellite positioning and mobile communication, GIS, security monitoring and alarm, terminal simulation, wireless application, and Internet of Things.


Witness (Changsha) Cloud Valley Technology Park. It can provide server hosting, server rental, Internet access, cloud computing, cloud storage and other kinds of telecom value-added services to government and enterprise customers, and is the largest and highest-rated Internet data center in Hunan Province.

Editor: Zheng Yueliang

Please cite the source "Changsha United Front".

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