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Taobao store opening and buying

Foreword: It is better to teach a man to fish than to teach him to fish.

This article is presented throughQ&A The form of answers to the common questions of newcomers to Taobao online shop, Especially the question of how to get into the stock。

Frequently used web links.


Taobao Service Center:

1688 Purchase Wholesale:


Frequently Asked Questions(Q&A)

Q: How do I open a shop on Taobao?

A:Open the "Taobao Service Center", click into the "Merchant Service Center" - search Taobao open shop

Get relevant answers in response to.

Q: How do I set my store name after I open a store? Check out the store website?

A: Open "Taobao" - "Seller Center" (above the page) - shop management "View Shop" (left)

Store name setting.

View store address.

Q: What are the considerations after I open the store?

A: New babies should be uploaded as soon as possible to prevent the store from being released for deletion.

Mail alert.

Official: If the number of items in sale is 0 for 5 consecutive weeks, the store will be completely released and the store will be deleted.

Q: What are some free and fast sources of stock?

A: 1688 One Piece Shipping. Baby update process: find the corresponding baby

Click on the "List Now" button and go to the Baby Posting Information Editor.

Set Price

Set up shipping templates

Confirmation of shelves

Q: Can I manage my store with the Mobile Taobao App?

A: You can't. Mobile management Taobao store, use Qianniu App.

Next recommendation.

The newbie beginner】 Mobile phone Qianniu APP into the goods and shelves chapter

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