Task scheduling system Azkaband build

azkaband Build

Get the zip tar.gz

Pull the appropriate version of the code


git clone https://github.com/azkaban/azkaban.git

Execute it once in the project root directory

Clean up `./gradlew clean`

Compress into a jar package `./gradlew distTar`

Generate tar.gz packages of azhkaban-web-server, azhkaban-exec-server, azhkaban-db, etc.

Copy the above three tar.gz to the /opt/azkaban/ directory and unzip and rename

Initializing the azkaban database

Create database azkaban

Create user and password

Granting database privileges to users

Execute sql script to initialize database

Configuring jetty ssl

Password: 123456

Configuring azkaban-web-server

Create a conf directory in /opt/azkaban/azkaban-web-server-3.49.0-4 directory (ignore the conf directory if it exists, copy it from under the azkaban-solo-server directory if it doesn't, and copy log4j.properties and put it in the conf directory)

Edit the azkaban.properties file, where the mysql database, user password is adjusted according to what was configured in the previous step, here no jetty ssl is configured, jetty.use.ssl=false

Configure the azkaban-users.xml file and test using the default settings

Configure the log4j.properties file as needed, testing with the default

Start azkaban-web-server

, close the use

View Log File

interviewshttp://localhost:8081/index The initial password isazkaban-user.xml The account password configured inside, default isazkaban,azkaban

Configuring azkaban-exec-server

Copy the conf directory under azkaban-web-server to the conf directory of azkaban-exec-server

Edit azkaban.properties

Edit the log4j.propertis file, adjusting it as needed, here replacing a log file name azkaban-execserver.log

Start azkaban-exec-server

, close the use

View Log

Test task execution

Create simple task scripts

Compress into a zip file

Create test project in Azkaban system and upload zip package for testing

Pitfalls encountered in the build process

Installing gradle


Configure environment variables

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