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Tech Cool Street: shopping for electricity!

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An intelligent license plate in traffic video surveillance

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Artificial intelligence is coming overwhelmingly, and it is tightly integrating with industries at an alarming rate, making every object, device, and facility smart. The Chain Tech editor found a street that's also draped today, one that incorporates intensive artificial intelligence and related technology into a step-by-step cool street. This street in London's West End, called Bird Street, is less than 100 meters, but it was designed and built with a lot of technology.

In terms of technical configuration, this street is mainly characterized by Environmental protection, energy On both sides, the builders have used the road as a carrier and new technologies and equipment in air purification facilities and power generation to achieve a natural amalgamation of equipment and road. The bench on the street turns into an air purifier hidden on the roadside. The opening at the back of the bench draws in air and removes nitrogen dioxide and other harmful gases from the air before expelling it. The paints used on street buildings are also made of environmentally friendly materials and are water-based paints that can absorb harmful substances in the air.

energy This is often a key consideration for smart road designers, as the movement of people on the street is in itself a form of movement energy, which is valued by scientists who have developed devices to collect and transform it. Byrd Street can absorb the energy generated by people walking on the road to generate electricity. This power road uses a kind of electromagnetic generator, when people step on the "mechanism", relying on the natural work of gravity, the energy generated is converted into electricity in time, each step can produce about 7 watts of power, that is, about a small LED bulb can be used for a minute of lighting. Also, the road has solar power, and this is especially welcome because of the power behind it from China! This section of solar pavement uses PowerFlex modules supplied by GSE, a subsidiary of Hanergy Holdings in China, making it a must-see for the 20,000 residents of the town who go out every day, and one of the few solar pavements in the world.

Here, I introduce a Chain of Science and Technology Result Bank Project. An intelligent license plate in traffic video surveillanceClear display method

This intelligent license plate clear display method in traffic video surveillance relates to intelligent license plate clear display method in traffic video surveillance, and belongs to the field of traffic surveillance.


i. Scanning traffic in real time with cameras and selecting vehicles in violation as training targets.

(ii) Initial training of a plurality of training targets obtained using the method of step one to obtain a detector model.

(iii) Continue to scan the traffic flow in real time with the camera, select the violating vehicle as the detection target, and obtain the location of the detection target using parallel calculations of the tracker and detector for each frame of the video of the detection target.

Fourth, calculate the size of the detection target, control the rotation of the head and adjust the focal length to enlarge the detection target and clearly display the license plate.

The present invention can be used in the field of traffic monitoring and has promising applications.

Project Promotion

PROJECT promotion

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