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Technology|Catching up with China and the US, the EU looks at artificial intelligence@Han Bingbin|0427

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The middle way: Europe's AI strategy

① There are two global hotspots in the development of artificial intelligence: Silicon Valley and China.

② Today, the European Commission will lay out its plan to catch up, publishing a document outlining its long-term AI strategy.

③ It casts Europe as a middle ground, with a stance somewhere between the state-backed firms of China and America's data-rich tech outfits, such as Google.

④ The plan emphasises digital rights and ethics—the commission promises an ethics charter next year, and a global push for co-operation on standards co-ordinated through bodies such as the UN and the OECD.

⑤ It also commits to spending €110m ($134m) to set up repositories of data and algorithms available to smallish firms getting started in AI.

⑥ In total, the commission will put forward €14bn in its next budget to support research and development in AI.

⑦ Judiciously spent, that could go some way towards creating a third hotspot for the technology.


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