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Introduction: In recent years, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, AI technology has been used in all walks of life. Today, I would like to introduce an AI applet developed by Tencent that has both tools and entertainment functions.

Tencent Youtu AI Open Platform

After entering the main interface of the applet, you will see four main experience portals: image recognition, text recognition, face recognition, and audio technology.

In the face recognition portal, a total of three functions are included as follows.

Face detection and analysis: by uploading a photo, the applet gives the corresponding recognition results, including information on gender, age, facial expression and charisma value.

Face key point positioning: by uploading photos, the applet can pinpoint the location of key areas of the face, currently supporting 88 points of face key point positioning and tracking.

Face verification: by uploading two photos of a person, the applet can give a similarity score of the two photos to confirm if they are the same person.

In the image recognition portal, there are four main functions.

Image content recognition: after uploading a photo, the applet will give information about the content in the image.

Vehicle attribute recognition: after uploading a vehicle photo, the applet will accurately identify the vehicle make, model and trim level.

Intelligent pornography identification: after uploading a photo, the applet will identify whether it is a normal picture or a pornographic picture and other information, which can be called the network pornography identification special forces in the AI era.

Terrorist image recognition: by uploading a photo, the applet will identify violent and terrorist content.

At the text recognition portal, the applet is a little more versatile, including the following 10 functions.

Universal print character recognition.

ID card identification.

Business card identification.

Business license identification.

Driving licence identification.

Driver's license identification.

Bank card identification.

License plate recognition.

Universal handwriting recognition.

Japanese recognition.

In the audio technology portal, based on the text content entered by the user, the applet uses speech synthesis technology to convert any text into speech, realizing that the machine can open its mouth to speak. And users can generate male or female voices as needed, and can adjust the speed of speech as needed.

See the above small introduction, do you want to experience the charm of AI, you can long press the QR code below to enter the small program yo!

Conclusion: what are your thoughts about the future of AI, feel free to leave a comment, let's discuss!

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