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Tencent actively participates in the construction of digital Guangdong "digital government" reform results are emerging

On May 23, the 2018 "Cloud+Future" Summit, co-organized by the Guangdong Provincial People's Government as the guiding unit, the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Commission and Tencent, was held in Guangzhou. Chen Liangxian, Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, Wen Guohui, Mayor of Guangzhou City, and leaders from provincial and municipal government departments and business representatives attended the conference together. Earlier, Ma Huateng, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Tencent, mentioned in the 2018 National People's Congress that promoting the construction of "Digital Guangdong" is Tencent's most important task this year, and the Digital Guangdong Company, which was established by Tencent in conjunction with three major operators, also appeared at the summit.

Digital Guangdong at the "Cloud + Future" Summit, helping Guangdong build a national model of provincial digital government

During the summit, Digital Guangdong Company appeared in the exhibition area of the conference. Ma Huateng, together with the Digital Guangdong Company team, introduced the construction of the collaborative office platform, government cloud platform, mobile livelihood service platform, online office hall, public support platform and other systems to the relevant provincial and municipal leaders. On May 21, Guangdong's "digital government" reform and construction, the country's first integrated livelihood services WeChat applet "Guangdong Provincial Affairs" and the public number of the same name were officially launched online. This project is also the first result of Digital Guangdong Network Construction Co., Ltd.'s active response to Guangdong's digital government reform construction, users through the "real name + real person" identity verification, you can do all the livelihood services of the public platform. At present, the first batch of "Guangdong Provincial Affairs" has 142 services on line, involving eight categories of document services such as driver's license, driving license, entry and exit documents, and disabled person's license, and many businesses have been handled at the fingertips.

At the meeting, Chen Liangxian, vice governor of Guangdong Province, Wen Guohui, mayor of Guangzhou City, senior executives of Tencent and representatives of the three major operators of Unicom, Mobile and Telecom jointly participated in the launching ceremony of "Building Digital Guangdong with Technology on the Cloud", which pushed the construction of "Digital Guangdong" to a new climax.

Infrastructure platform leads new breakthrough in digital Guangdong

Today, cloud computing has become a key infrastructure for building digital government and has advanced from infrastructure clouding to application migration. Tencent will fully open up its cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence capabilities to support the construction of Guangdong's "digital government". In the future, it will build a systematic digital government supported by a unified standard and data sharing data governance system and a "digital government" government cloud platform, with a collaborative office platform, a mobile livelihood service platform and an online office hall as service entrances, creating a Guangdong sample of the construction of "digital China".

Digital Guangdong to change duplication across sectors、 System segmentation、 chimneys lined with smoke、 Fragmentation of resources, Adopt domestic independent security controlled cloud platform technology, construct (sth abstract)“1+N+M” of“ Digital Government” Government Cloud Platform, include1 Provincial government affairs cloud platforms、N A special industry cloud platform、M Municipal government cloud platforms at the local level, formation“ The whole province is in the clouds.” Overall architecture of the。 Build on the foundational capabilities of provincial government cloud platforms, Enabling the convergence and aggregation of government data across the province, Provide data support for government systems and applications, Promote government information sharing and business process optimization and synergy, Creating a model for the most one-run government business, forge (of metal)" Talking with data、 Decision-making with data、 Managing with data、 Innovating with data" of the data business environment。

Based on the technical accumulation and operational experience of Tencent and the three major operators in serving billions of users, Digital Guangdong is building a unified and intensive public support platform in Guangdong Province, covering three major areas of basic support, application support and business support, providing more than 10 subplatforms and services such as a unified trusted identity authentication center, mobile government application platform and common matter directory services for the construction of government public services and collaborative offices, and providing strong technical support for the construction goal of building a "digital government" that provides public services on the palm of your hand, near you and at one window.

Coworking creates another new style of digital government reform

At the practical application level, Digital Guangdong is building a unified collaborative office platform based on government WeChat, covering public officials from various government departments and units at all levels in Guangdong, which will effectively enhance the efficiency of government staff in the future, realize real-time reminders across the platform, handle official business around the clock, supervise and manage all aspects, and create an intelligent, efficient and convenient integrated platform for government mobile offices.

Fingertip Project helps to further upgrade government and livelihood services

All technological innovations and capacity upgrades are aimed at more conveniently addressing social pain points, improving people's livelihoods and innovating social governance. At present, the services with the largest number of users, such as traffic check and payment, human society and medical care, are realized on the "Guangdong Province" mobile livelihood service platform. "Guangdong Matters" is the first national integrated small program and public number for livelihood services. Through face recognition and identity verification, high-frequency common livelihood services can be provided without repeated registration, and the "Guangdong Matters" platform will become an application tool for Guangdong citizens to do business, making livelihood services easily accessible at their fingertips.

Bringing "digital government" within reach

This year, under the leadership of the provincial government, Digital Guangdong Corporation will continue to adhere to the value of "people-centered" pursuit, continue to increase investment in research and development in the "digital government" government cloud platform, public support platform, collaborative office platform and the construction of government and livelihood services applications, effectively promote the key work of digital government reform, develop convenient "Internet + government services" applications, help promote the "administration and service" reform to deepen development, and continuously optimize the business environment in Guangdong, so that the digital government is within reach.

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