Tencent launches TRP-AI anti-virus engine, focusing on AI + cybersecurity

Tencent, which is committed to "Make AI everywhere", is gradually moving into the fast lane in the research and development of AI technology. After the artificial intelligence medical imaging product "Foraging" and the software space security mapping system "Atuin", Tencent recently announced that another artificial intelligence security product - TRP-AI anti-virus engine - has officially landed. The engine is based on Tencent's advanced AI application scenario research, combined with Tencent's security team's long-term experience in malicious code detection on the Android platform, and virus attack and defense confrontation, and designed as an AI anti-virus engine with real-time behavior monitoring, strong anti-free killing technology, and deep learning, which can significantly improve virus detection and killing efficiency, and is considered by the industry as one of the representatives of the next-generation anti-virus engines.

AI-driven, can significantly reduce O&M costs

According to the "Tencent TRP-AI Anti-Virus Engine White Paper" (hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper") released by Tencent, the TRP-AI Anti-Virus Engine introduces for the first time dynamic detection based on APP behavioral features and combines AI deep learning to have stronger generalization detection capabilities for new viruses and variant viruses, enabling timely detection of unknown viruses and variant viruses, and timely detection of virus malicious code cloud control loading to more intelligently protect users' mobile phone security.

The White Paper points out that although traditional antivirus engines can respond in a timely manner and check and kill viruses, with the existing mature cloud search technology can reduce the response time to a day or even within a few hours, but the response is still timely to prevent infected users from being threatened by viruses, blocking user privacy leaks and property losses. In addition, with the improvement of the current virus attack and defense technology, automated anti-kill tools, payload dynamic distribution, the use of loading technology, making the "0Day" virus more and more difficult to capture samples (long capture cycle, capture channels less), reverse / dynamic analysis against serious, resulting in the current traditional anti-virus engine capture difficult, high cost of analysis of the dilemma.

Traditional anti-virus engines are gradually overstretched, and more and more problems such as untimely response, difficulty in stopping damage in time, and difficulty in finding 0Day viruses are in front of anti-virus engine operators. Security vendors are in dire need of new technologies or solutions to break out of the current anti-virus rut.

At the same time, Tencent TRP-AI anti-virus engine has a real-time protection system, which does not require regular scanning strategies and can greatly reduce operation and maintenance costs. This is certainly great news for businesses. With public data showing that cybersecurity spending will exceed $1 trillion by 2021, the high cost of operating cybersecurity is bound to put a brake on business growth.

Some industry views suggest that cybersecurity costs are no longer an optional budget for companies that have entered the deep waters of Internet+. And fortunately, more efficient cybersecurity processes can help reduce costs and streamline the entire process. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can detect, resolve and prevent threats quickly and effectively in the shortest time and in the most likely way.

Tencent Focuses Fully on AI+ Cybersecurity: Empowering the Internet+

Tencent's security technology, AI technology and big data advantages are becoming important weapons in the fight against fraud and online blackmail. The emergence of the TRP- AI anti-virus engine has also shown the outside world Tencent's strength in the field of AI+ network security.

In 2017, Tencent Security has made a comprehensive attack in AI anti-fraud, AI vulnerability mining, AI anti-virus and other areas. Tencent Security Joint Lab anti-fraud lab based on artificial intelligence research on the pattern of blackmail, developed the "anti-fraud intelligence brain", covering the financial anti-fraud engine "Lingkun", money flow investigation and control system "God Detective" and "network situational awareness" of prior warning, and more than ten anti-fraud products such as the earlier established anti-phone fraud system "Eagle Eye", anti-counterfeit base station system "Kirin", intelligence analysis platform "God Sheep", website anti-fraud system "God Tuan", covering communications, finance and other areas of fraud and blackmail in all aspects of evil, can play a role in the key aspects of fraud before, during and case analysis, providing a comprehensive AI + big data anti-fraud system for the police and financial, food and drug supervision, communications and other regulatory departments.

In the field of vulnerability security research, the "Atouin" software spatial security mapping system jointly developed by Tencent Security Joint Laboratory Xuanwu Laboratory and the Big Data Security Group of the Institute of Computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences can realize multi-dimensional joint analysis of multi-platform software security through automatic discovery, automatic installation and automatic analysis of software on the entire network, and can eventually obtain security information on software vulnerabilities, vulnerabilities and supply chain pollution of the entire Internet. With the Atouin system, researchers can get comprehensive, visual data on software security across the network and automate the discovery of software security vulnerabilities and attack interfaces, freeing up valuable vulnerability research human resources from low-skilled labor to devote to the most critical areas.

Before the TRP-AI anti-virus engine, Tencent Computer Control also collaborated with Tencent Security Joint Laboratory Anti-Virus Lab and Hubble Analysis Platform to form a new generation of threat detection system, the Poison Song Anti-Virus System, which is based on the TAV antivirus engine and the application of cutting-edge technologies, to achieve all-platform detection of known and unknown threats and predict the next move of viruses, further enhancing the ability and efficiency of combating viruses.

At present, Tencent already has massive data of 100 billion nodes of blackmail knowledge graph, and can grasp the dynamic trend in real time, which is important to help discover the seeds of crime; the related security platform has strong computing power, which can complete the data call within 50 milliseconds; and also has up to 20 years of network blackmail confrontation experience, which provides greater help for machine intelligence to discriminate. Along with the application practice of AI in various fields, global cyber security will also enter the era of AI. As threats intensify and challenges escalate, companies with massive amounts of big data will have an even more pronounced advantage. Throughout 2017 and into early 2018, Tencent has partnered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Beijing Finance Bureau, the Shenzhen Finance Office, the Wuxi Food and Drug Administration, and many other local government agencies and enterprises in the field of security, with AI technology capabilities fully open to partners.

It is easy to see that Tencent, which is committed to promoting the construction of an "open, shared and cooperative" network security ecology, has already highlighted its capabilities in the field of AI+ network security. Relying on its advantages in security ecology and technology, Tencent's network security will gradually enter the fast lane of "AI".

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