Tencent's Divine Owl selected as one of the first ten cases of social governance in the field of market supervision

Tencent's Divine Owl selected as one of the first ten cases of social governance in the field of market supervision,(first session (of a conference etc)“ Ten cases of shared social governance in the field of market regulation” Award Certificates and Trophies: Tencent Screech-owl (developers of the QQ instant messaging platform))

The concept of "openness and sharing" has become widely accepted. Government departments and industries are beginning to embrace digital transformation, implementing smart, "cloud-based" management and processes. In this general environment, the market regulatory environment will tend to be complex, requiring the mobilization and integration of all favourable factors to play a supporting role to market regulation. Zhang Mingqi, vice president of the Chinese Law Society, pointed out at the forum that moving from a single government regulation to social governance with diversified participation, and promoting common governance, good governance and common progress and win-win through collaborative cooperation, is the general direction of government management and market regulation under the new situation.

Tencent is using big data analysis and real-time sensing technology across the network to explore intelligent means to aid regulation and social co-governance. The award-winning Divine Owl Big Data market supervision platform is the latest achievement of Tencent's security team to use technology to assist in supervision and practice the concept of social co-governance.

We provide completed solutions for various areas of market supervision including business registration services, enterprise credit monitoring, enterprise violation monitoring, and joint disciplinary actions. Relying on Tencent's big data capabilities, Divine Owl has taken full advantage of AI, including 7 billion points and more than 100 billion edge-leading knowledge graphs, successfully overcoming and solving the problem of insufficient "data, algorithms and computing power" in the existing market supervision field. At the same time, the Divine Owl has adopted a way and method based on illegal sample mining and automation and visualization, as well as the establishment of the whole process management from monitoring, analysis, model formulation, violation characterization, electronic fixed evidence, violation interception and blocking, and built a system architecture from data source management to risk display, which can provide the whole process of data services for market regulators.

(Divine Owl Big Data Market Supervision Platform Total Solution)

The Divine Owl has already achieved results in four areas: combating fake food and medicine, combating online marketing, false advertising monitoring and intellectual property protection. Cumulatively, we have served more than 20 government agencies, including the former State Food and Drug Administration, the former State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Shenzhen Market Inspection Bureau, the Xi'an Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Xi'an Food and Drug Bureau, and the Shanghai Pudong New Area Market Supervision Administration.

Based on the world's largest security cloud library under Tencent Security, God Owl can accurately identify suspected illegal sales practices in multiple industries in the Internet, promptly perceive products and industries in the hardest-hit areas of the network, and deeply analyze detailed clues of participating gangs and network tools to help case research and judgment. At present, the divine owl can find tens of thousands of online fake sales clues on a daily basis, and cooperate with the Shenzhen Municipal Market Inspection Bureau to focus on investigating more than 800 illegal online sales clues, filing 33 cases, detaining 50 people, with a total case value of more than 30 million.

God Owl has accumulated more than 5,000 MLM platforms, sensed more than 50 million MLM participants, and exported more than 50 MLM monitoring reports to relevant departments, among which the suspected MLM detection reports of "a certain house silver", "cloud a certain union", "a certain technology", "Qianhai cloud a certain", etc. have provided important research and judgment references for specific regulatory departments. Not long ago, with the help of the divine owl, the relevant regulatory units in Shenzhen successfully cracked the "a certain technology" pyramid scheme case, the case is also the first case in the country, through the "monitoring + evidence" to crack the new model of combating online pyramid schemes.

Divine Owl also has an outstanding track record in false advertising monitoring and intellectual property protection. For example, Tencent and the Shenzhen Municipal Inspection Bureau retrieved and collected more than 12,000 infringing piracy links from the intellectual property protection system in response to the piracy and infringement of the popular movie "The Richest Man in Hong Kong"; It also immediately carried out comprehensive blocking and interception of intellectual property infringement links, converting the results of the regulator's work into perceivable effects for the people through risk reminders of the offending web pages, and recovering at least 160 million yuan in losses for the film's legitimate rights and interests.

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