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Tensorflowdemo port on Android

This article is the official TensorFlow tutorial: the TensorFlow deep learning model, ported to android phones, object recognition, pedestrian detection and other specific implementation process (Android demo official home page:

I. Download Tensorflow source code

Clone a copy of the source code to your local area or open the link directly to download it to your local area.

Note: The --recurse-submodules parameter is used to prevent protobuf errors later.

II. Setting up the environment

1. Install the build toolbazel

This paper uses thebazel custom APT installation. Reference website out.

1) Install JDK 8:

2) Adding the APT library

3) Install and update Bazel

If it's just an update, run :

2、Install the SDK

2) Way 2: Install via Android Studio (way 1 28.0.0 if error is reported available way 2).

3、Install NDK


Open WORKSPACE in the tensorflow root directory, find the following piece of code, configure the corresponding version and location of its own SDK, as well as the NDK version and location, and remove the comments.

Three, compile apk and install

Go to the tensorflow directory and run.

bazel build -c opt //tensorflow/examples/android:tensorflow_demo

After successful compilation, the file will be generated under the directory

Install the apk to your phone, connect to it with a data cable and execute.

adb install -r bazel-bin/tensorflow/examples/android/tensorflow_demo.apk

Or just place the apk file into the phone file and click install.

IV. Running the program

TF Detect

TF Stylize

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