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Tesla has a strong rival with 650km range on a 15-minute full charge and more level 5 autopilot

Nowadays, environmental protection is becoming more and more popular, and ordinary fuel cars emit harmful substances during driving, which cause pollution to the environment. Today, new energy vehicles have become a hot topic. However, a common problem with new energy car vehicles is the poor range, usually the longest range of domestic cars can only reach 400 km. Tesla is an imported car brand that excels in electric vehicles and has a range that far exceeds that of domestic brands. However, a new competitor to the Tesla has emerged, which can be fully charged in fifteen minutes, has a range of 650 km and even has a level 5 autopilot.

The car is a Lagonda Vision. Lagonda is a brand under Aston Martin and has been given the mission to "redefine luxury motoring" by Aston Martin. Faced with this mission, Lagonda has introduced a concept model. From the outside, the car is stylish with a large mouth grille structure with split LED headlights. And the car's pike body makes it look very much like a rocket structure and uses a B-pillar-less pair of doors for a very dominant look. In terms of the interior, the car is made of premium suede, which is more comfortable and luxurious than those car brands that use leather. And inside the car, there are no buttons, including the steering wheel, all using a touch screen, which is bursting with technology. In addition to this, the front seats of this car can be swiveled 180°, so you can play cards and rest inside the car during breaks. And the top end of this car is its autopilot feature, which frees the driver to a great extent, even removing the need for a steering wheel.

With its great features, this car is sure to absolutely kill the Tesla and become the new favorite of the dirtbags. And with a very short charging time and a long range, it's arguably the leading model within electric cars. Are you rich people here really looking forward to the launch of this car?

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