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Tesla has more than just predicting car accidents with this one black technology

There is a lot of advanced technology used by Tesla, the current leader in the eco-friendly tram sector, and it is these black technologies that make us live like we are in the future. Let's chat about the black technology of the sacred horse that is Tesla.

Autonomous driving A driverless mode based on radar technology, where the car sends and receives data through the radar as it drives, builds a simulated map of its surroundings at the processor, and then starts driving automatically based on this constructed environment. The technology is not very mature, but it can handle some of the current road conditions, and while it will be in the news lately, with accidents in Autopilot mode, the odds of that are very small indeed, after all, there are so many Teslas on the road now. The probability of a car accident is already small compared to a person.

Predicting a crash in advance Tesla's radar technology, and acceleration detectors, are able to calculate the speed of nearby vehicles very accurately, and this data of acceleration is the key to Tesla's ability to predict a crash. When a nearby car is about to collide, Tesla is able to measure the data precisely enough to activate the braking system and apply the brakes. This includes people who burst out of nowhere, and this kind of driving in a dark environment is even more handy. So there is a basis for Tesla's ability to predict a crash 5 seconds in advance. Not only can you anticipate, but you'll also maneuver some dodging car accidents, so if you're just interested, you can search the internet for videos about it.

The door handle is hidden and between reaches, Tesla holds her hand out as well, a feeling of holding hands that isn't only for lovers.

Tesla uses 7000 small batteries, this battery and our laptop battery is similar, because the current more mature, quality and cheap is this kind, and finally see who can overcome the battery technology, by then the world will not hear the word car. Being able to control over 7,000 batteries, this technology is a real hack nowadays, and hopefully one day each of us will be able to drive such environmentally friendly and low energy cars.

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