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Tesla is in double trouble again, and this time it hit a police car! Auto-assisted driving system malfunctioning?

According to foreign media reports, a Tesla Model S with Autopilot (automatic assisted driving system) on crashed into a parked cruiser in Laguna Beach, California, recently. The driver of the Tesla suffered minor injuries and will blame the accident on the "Tesla Autopilot". This becomes the third Tesla crash in the US so far this year with the "Autopilot feature on".

(Photo from foreign press)

Pictures from the scene of the accident show serious damage to the front of the Tesla, while two side wheels of the struck police car were struck by the Tesla involved on the sidewalk. And as with the attitude towards previous accidents, Tesla responded that they were not sure about the details at the moment, and they have repeatedly stressed that Autopilot cannot completely prevent accidents, so drivers should not rely too much on Autopilot either.

Prior to that, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had been conducting investigations in response to Tesla's deadly Model X highway accident in March and the Model S rear-end accident in Utah on May 13. And this accident will undoubtedly cause the NHTSA to further intensify its investigation of Tesla.

Musk has repeatedly said, "If Tesla Autopilot were widely used, about 500,000 people would be spared in the more than 1 million fatal crashes that occur worldwide each year. "But from the multiple accidents Tesla has had in recent years, Autopilot is still questionable in terms of reliability, and the successive Autopilot accidents, like Tesla's questionable mass production capacity and funding ability, continue to push Tesla to the forefront of public opinion.

This article is reprinted from Motor Home.

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