Thanks for being there all the way! A boat date is a gift from me to you.

The transformative breakthrough of "Internet + traditional business" has indeed brought a lot of convenience to our lives.

It's like, you now need to buy a dress, pants no longer need to endure the tiredness brought by shopping, just go to Taobao to buy it.

Take a taxi, no more worrying about drivers taking detours and waiting for cabs that go by way of the road, a dropshipping solves all your travel problems.

You don't need to go to a restaurant and wait in a long queue for a meal, you can enjoy it at home with Meituan.

These innovative changes that save us so much time and effort are just as challenged by the market at the beginning, people can't imagine that they can really solve the problem with an app, but the results are often surprising.

The traditional maritime industry, information asymmetry and the people bonus do belong to the old generation of maritime people to get rich pushers. But the development process Pain points that emerge We also cannot avoid problems such as the high cost of communication time and effort in the freight business, irregular contract performance, narrow information reception, and the inability to reasonably secure financial transactions.

With the popularity of Internet technology, the birth of an Internet+ platform for the maritime vertical is the call of the hour. Carry Ship Network Platform Established in 2015, we have fumbled our way through the development process only to bring A truly transformative product for the maritime industry community. The product has undergone several rounds of improvement and innovation, our original intention has never changed, and our product polishing direction is also developed towards closer to the actual use of users.

Finally, we can come up with a gift that will really give back to our users - About Boats.

Now let's unpack this gift.

1、For the cargo owner friends, as long as you publish your cargo plate on about ship treasure, through the platform artificial intelligence and big data technology, you can push the cargo plate to the platform registered ships accurately and in real time. The platform has already registered more than 6,000 vessels.

2、For shipowners' friends, they no longer need to miss every suitable pallet, and the transportation elements (route, price, cargo, demurrage, loading and unloading days, etc.) are clear at a glance, which greatly saves your communication cost.

3, about the ship treasure is extremely easy to operate, only need to register to carry the ship network APP, for identity authentication, you can be happy about the ship about the goods.

4、In order to fully protect the safety of the transaction between the two sides, about ship treasure to ensure that the identity information of the two sides of the trader is true and reliable, at the same time, the platform also provides funds differential supervision services, so that you about ship order without worries.

And another gift.

1. 50% discount on the commission for the service of About Ship, the commission will be charged according to the turnover and borne by the shipper, up to a maximum of RMB 3,000/single.

2. 500 platform points for corporate certification and 3000 points for ship certification. Points can be used to spend on value-added services on the platform. (For example, the "Vessel Checker" member consumption service, which will be launched on June 18, not only provides information on vessel positioning, vessel movement alerts, vessel trajectory, etc., but also upgrades future vessel arrival alerts, vessel company and contact inquiry services. )

Leave the complicated stuff to us.

Making it easier to find ships and cargo

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