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The 10 Best Digital Currencies to Invest in 2018

As the value of Bitcoin, and its investment value, continues to rise, the digital currency world has sprung up with a number of up-and-comers. In response to this situation, governments have begun to implement "dual regulation (two planning)" initiatives, one of which is to join the development of digital currencies and promote their development. The other initiative is that, because digital currency trading platforms are more "vulnerable", the state has also introduced policies to control them in order to avoid risks.

Of course, since the state is getting involved, this is enough to show the value of the digital currency itself. And, according to the latest news from Golden Finance, the individual value of Bitcoin has reached as much as 120,000 RMB. That's enough to reflect the brilliant future of digital currencies.

Next, I will recommend the 10 best digital currencies to invest in 2017.

(*In no particular order, here are a few digital currencies that have grown steadily in value between '13 and '17 since Bitcoin and have significant future returns)

Nxt (born 2013)

Futurecoin, considered a second-generation cryptocoin, is based on a completely new code written to improve many of Bitcoin's features, such as replacing proof-of-work (POW) with a new 100% proof-of-stake (POS) design that avoids many of the flaws of the first generation of cryptocurrencies, such as resource consumption and vulnerability to attacks. The issue is open for subscription in the community. 1 minute to confirm, 1 billion total .

Ripple (born 2013)

Ripple is the base currency of the Ripple network, and it can be circulated throughout the ripple network in a total of 100 billion. Ripple (XRP) is a digital currency based on mathematics and cryptography, like Bitcoin, but unlike Bitcoin, which has no real use, XRP has a primary bridge currency and a guaranteed security function in the Ripple system, where the guaranteed security function is integral, which requires that all gateways participating in this protocol hold a small amount of XRP.

In addition, Ripple is the only universal currency in the ripple system, its different from other currencies in the ripple system, other currencies such as CNY, USD can not be withdrawn across gateways, while Ripple has no restrictions on this at all, it is universal within the ripple system.

Stellar (born 2014)

Stellar, a digital currency project launched by former Ripple founder Jed McCaleb to build a decentralized gateway for the transmission between digital and fiat currencies. It will be made available to users through a free distribution with a supply top line of 100 billion, with 95% of the quantity of Stellar Coins used for free distribution. Stellar is a diverse team with a board of directors that includes former Square COO Keith Rabois, Stripe CEO Patrick Collison, while Dogcoin co-founder Jackson Palmer and AngelList co-founder Naval Ravikant will serve as advisors to the project.

Dash (born 2014)

Dashcoin is an online-operable digital currency that allows users to use Dashcoin for secure online instant payments and merchants to add to their stores an open source payment platform built by millions of users worldwide.

The core of Darcycoin consists of a unique incentive-based P2P network. They can form highly secure clusters - arbitration chains, providing multiple types of decentralized services such as instant transactions, anonymity, decentralized management, etc., while it also prevents low-cost cyber attacks.

BTS (born 2014)

Bitcoin was developed by invictus as an experiment to test the economic theory behind a new type of "Prediction Market". The experiment created decentralized banks and exchanges, while using the DPoS core algorithm with a 10-second block-out time.

And, use a decentralized transaction ledger secured by DPoS to create fungible digital assets that can be marketed to anchor the value of anything from dollars to gold to gasoline. So, it's a great investment.

Nem (born 2015)

New Economy Movement (NEM), a peer-to-peer virtual currency. NEM is widely released to the crowd and its blockchain uses a newly invented proof-of-materiality POI-based synchronization solution. NEM is the first digital currency organization to integrate the implementation of multiple signatures at the blockchain level, NEM multiple signatures are implemented in the client, concise and easy to use, guaranteeing 24 development and community funds for NEM, large and small, following strict procedural justice for orderly management. NEM's core code is built from scratch, and software development for each model adheres to the rigorous software engineering practice of test-driven development, the most recent result of which is Mosaic and Mobile Wallet.

NEO (born 2016)

NEO, formerly known as Little Ant, was officially established in 2014 and open sourced in real time on Github in June 2015. Since its inception, the NEO team has experienced the highs and lows of the blockchain industry, the frenzy and cooling of the digital currency market, and the ambiguity and clarity of national regulation and government attitudes. But NEO didn't stop there, instead they used it as an opportunity to successfully move to new heights.

And its strength lies in the fact that the NEO blockchain enables you to manage your smart assets quickly, efficiently, securely, and legally by combining a range of technologies such as peer-to-peer networks, Byzantine fault tolerance, digital certificates, smart contracts, superconducting transactions, and cross-chain interoperability protocols.

SSS (born in 2017)

ShareChain is an intelligent, trusted, open and decentralized credit data value platform built on the basis of sharing economy, which is the underlying architecture based on sharing economy through blockchain technology. By subverting the existing centralized credit platform through blockchain technology, Sharechain aims to realize the quantification and circulation of value within the platform through the use of Sharechain tokens, build data authenticity and uniqueness and a credible credit system, create a credible ecosystem for the sharing economy, and truly realize the great vision of "credit interconnection and shared future".

As a nascent digital currency, it has grown rapidly with its decentralized ecology, smart contracts, consensus mechanism and other advantages. Relying on blockchain technology to establish its own independent features, we aim to create a valuable, secure and growing digital currency structure. And this nascent digital currency generally has more advanced, cutting-edge technology as a strong back-end support.

EOS (born in 2017)

EOS is an operating system-like blockchain architecture platform developed under the leadership of blockchain wizard BM (Daniel Larimer), designed to enable performance scaling of distributed applications. EOS provides accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication, and program scheduling on hundreds of CPUs or clusters. The final form of the technology is a blockchain architecture that can support millions of transactions per second, while the average user pays no fees to use it.

By virtue of its own project value, token value, solving performance bottlenecks, and high fees, it has built its own and its investment's value. So, as an investment option, it's great too.

Iota (born 2014)

IOTA is a new digital cryptocurrency that focuses on solving machine-to-machine (M2M) transactions. A blueprint for the machine economy of the future by enabling machine-to-machine payments with no transaction fees. IOTA offers efficient, secure, lightweight, real-time microtransactions and does not incur transaction fees. It is open source, decentralized digital cryptocurrency that is specifically designed for the Internet of Things, it is real-time microtransactions, and it can be scaled easily and conveniently. IOTA goes beyond blockchain technology. It is the first for the entire ecosystem, based on non-blockchain technology cryptocurrency. IOTA may be considered another cottage coin, but the truth is that IOTA is far from a cottage coin, it goes beyond and is an extension of blockchain technology. IOTA is based on Tangle rather than blockchain technology.

The above 10 digital currencies are the digital currencies that I recommend for you that have both room for development and high investment potential in the future.

Of course, the author's judgment is only based on the current situation and the market recommended, not all can be accurate, after all, digital currency has a rise and fall is also the "rules of the game". Of course, the recommendations I have made for you are only meant to inspire those who are ready to invest and those who are in the process of choosing, and I hope that readers will gain an approach and direction for their investments.

Finally, when investing, I hope you know the author's recommendations at the same time, but also to do with their own accumulated investment experience, to make the final, most reasonable decision, so that it is possible to stabilize the "win". Look forward to the next bull market where every investor in digital currencies can make the considerable gains they expect!

*This article was originally published by Future Finance and is not allowed to be reproduced without permission

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