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The 11th Jinjiang International Sports Culture and Animation Creative Competition Open Call for Creative Works

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Sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Jinjiang Municipal Committee, Jinjiang Education Bureau, Jinjiang Culture, Sports, Press and Publication Bureau, Quanzhou Higher Education Development Center Management Committee Office, organized by Jinjiang Economic Newspaper, co-organized by Fujian Comics Research Association, and technically supported by Minnan Animation Art Institute, the 11th Jinjiang International Sports Culture and Animation Creative Competition was officially launched from March 8, and the competition was held as one of the supporting activities of the 20th Shoe Expo. We are now open to the whole society for the creation of works, and welcome all students and related people to join the creation of works in this competition, and the main committee sincerely welcomes your participation.





Competition time

Creation and submission of works: 8 March - 12 April





Welcome "World Cup" and build a sports city together

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The 21st Soccer World Cup will be held in Russia in June this year. Along with the spread of the soccer craze in the world, Jinjiang has also followed the pace of the times and set off a frenzied event to hold international sports events in soccer. In 2017, Jinjiang won the right to host the 2020 World Games, and was awarded the right to host four consecutive editions of the FIG World Cup and the FIG Asia Cup. The domestic selection for the FIG Asia Cup will be held in August this year, and the baptism of the FIG Asia Cup will also be held in October. Jinjiang has entered a new stage of building an international and innovative quality city.

What kind of Jinjiang will we see in the days to come? What will be the future color of the sports city of Jinjiang? The competition will take the concept of "sports culture" as a starting point, and will be based on the concept of "sports culture", so that we can use our imagination, open our minds and create with our strokes to make our creativity and imagination more colorful.






(1) The target participants are primary, secondary and vocational school students and kindergarten children, college students and teachers in Jinjiang.

(2) No one affiliated with the executive unit of this competition and no jury member may participate.

(3) The competition is divided into early childhood, lower elementary school, upper elementary school, middle school, high school (including general high school and vocational college), college and university, and animation programming groups.


Toddler group: children's drawings (crayons, oil pastels and watercolors are acceptable).

Elementary group (both lower and upper grades): children's drawings (crayons, oil pastels, and watercolors are acceptable) or cartoons.

Middle school group: comics.

High school group (including general high school and vocational college): comics.

High school group: comics.

Animation Programming Group: animate、flash、Scratch program。

note: do product must be fastened large surpass owner mention, large Dare to use your imagination, expressions do Reflections and aspirations of those who。


The entries are judged in the Early Childhood, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School (including Vocational Education), College, and Animation Programming categories, according to the groups and forms of entries. The first six of these categories each have the following four awards.

First prize: several prizes of $300 or equivalent + certificates.

Second prizes: a number of prizes of $200 or equivalent + certificates.

Third prize: several prizes of $100 or equivalent + certificates.

Awards of excellence: several, certificates.

Animation Programming Group The awards are as follows:

First prize: a number of prizes of $1500 or $500 cash + $1000 equivalent + certificate.

Second prizes: several, $300 + certificates.

Third prize: several, $200 + certificate.

Awards of excellence: several, certificates.

talk next:

(1) All awards in the school category do Students and instructors of the product for the same certificate, Not issued separately。

(2) The number and quality of entries in each category will determine the number of places for each level of award.






1.Form of creation. The work can be created by hand or by computer, but it must be drawn or printed on 8-page (size about 38cm x 26.5cm) drawing paper. do Product name or owner mention Uniformly labeled in do Top left corner of the front of the product,《 attend surpass a table (listing information)》 Must be pasted in do Bottom right corner of the reverse side of the product,The Entry Form should be printed out electronically and pasted on the back of the entry.

2.Artwork submitted by. The groups are all submitted by schools (works must be grouped by groups (early childhood group, lower primary group, upper primary group, middle school group, high school group, college group), fill in the summary form, and need to submit a paper version of the summary form, which should be delivered with the works to the front desk of the lobby on the 1st floor of the Newspaper Building, No. 619 Changxing Road, Meiling Street, Jinjiang City. For inquiries about the contest, call 82005188.

Animation Programming Group

1.Animation production requirements. The work should be no more than 10M in size and under 2 minutes in duration. The size of the animation flash work is uniform: 720×576pix, 25 frames/second. The submission includes the original file (*.fla), the generated file (*.swf) and a brief description of the work (*.txt or *.doc), together with an entry form, which may be accompanied by explanatory text such as the script of the work, the motivation for its creation, and a reflection on the creation of the game or animation.

2.Creative Programming Requirements. do The product must passScratch perhapsapp inventor Programming software such as, The final product must be able to pass the computer、 Mobile phones or devices such as smart robots for display。 do The product presentation may be in one of the following categories: Interactive Games、 therefore matter animation category、 Practical Tools。 do Submission Method: attend surpass do The person is required to place do temperament( note next do temperament mention table of contents、 do Name of the person), and do profile of a person、 name and surname、 Contact details、 Phone numbers and other information packaged and sent to。

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