The 2018 Information Industry Project Entry for Zhongshan City is open for filing!

Notice on the 2018 Zhongshan Information Industry Project Entry

Economic (Development) and Scientific and Technological Information Bureaux of the townships.

In order to comprehensively enhance the development level and application capacity of the city's information industry, promote the development of new industries by demonstration, and vigorously cultivate industry backbone enterprises, it is proposed to carry out the 2018 Zhongshan City Information Industry Project Accession. The following matters are hereby notified.


Subject of declaration

The subject of the declaration is an enterprise established by law within the administrative area of Zhongshan City, and the subject of the declaration must be the subject of the project implementation.

The project construction foundation is good, the operation mode is feasible, the market prospect is good, it has sustainable development ability and can better support the growth of profitability of the reporting entity. The reporting entity has a good financial position and the financial strength to guarantee the ongoing operation and maintenance of the project.

The projects are in principle good growth, cutting-edge technology, obvious benefits and completed projects, or projects that have already started construction. The construction period of the project shall in principle not exceed three years, and the completed project shall be completed after January 1, 2017, and the project under construction shall be started after January 1, 2016.

The applicant and the project have no significant commercial or legal disputes.


Inclusion of project direction

Next-generation information networks, including but not limited to products and solutions in the areas of next-generation Internet, next-generation mobile communications, optical communications, next-generation wireless broadband access, etc.

New generation electronic information components, including but not limited to products and solutions in the fields of integrated circuits, new displays, new components, etc.

Smart terminals, including but not limited to products and solutions such as smart terminals, smart home appliances and smart devices based on wireless communication and smart technologies.

Integrated application of new generation information technology, including but not limited to products and solutions such as Internet of Things, BeiDou satellite applications, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, vehicle networking, etc. At the same time, it includes the integrated application of the new generation of information technology required to be organized and implemented by the higher authorities.

Industrial applications, including but not limited to agricultural, industrial, construction, commercial, and other industrial applications.

Next generation information services industry, including but not limited to products, platforms, services and solutions such as quantum technology, collaborative software development, intelligent supply and demand matching, and information security.

Big Data, including but not limited to products and solutions for data collection, storage, processing, analysis, visualization, open sharing, and massively parallel processing, data mining, distributed databases, etc.

Internet applications, including but not limited to products, public platforms and solutions for networked production, intelligent management, service transformation, business model and management model innovation, etc.

Industrial Internet, including but not limited to support platforms, products, solutions and entrepreneurial and innovative activities for digitalization, networking, intelligence, modularization, industry chain collaboration and cloudization of application systems in manufacturing.

Cloud computing products, platforms, services and solutions.

The integration of the two, including but not limited to the realization of integrated business integration in the information technology environment, the Internet environment to obtain sustainable competitive advantage, to create new capabilities effective public platform and solutions.


Filing procedures and requirements

The projects are declared in batches throughout the year, and the first, second and third batches of projects in 2018 will be declared on April 30, July 31 and November 30 respectively.

Enterprises fill in the relevant information in accordance with the information industry project entry declaration form (Annex 1), declare the paper version of the material by the declaration of the main seal and submit to the township economic (development) and science and technology information bureau, the township economic (development) and science and technology information bureau summary reported to the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau. Electronic copies of the declarations are sent to the relevant sections of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau.

The electronic file of the application materials can be downloaded through the official website of Zhongshan Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology ( and the support fund website (

Projects may choose more than one direction to be declared, but must choose one main direction and mark it with an ★.

The Bureau will visit and research the banked projects from time to time, and will give priority to recommending them in the declaration of various projects at all levels.


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Enterprises in accordance with the information industry project entry declaration form

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