The 2018 Making the Future Conference is about to begin! Let's step into the world of whimsy

There have been amazing breakthroughs in the use of technology

What originally seemed like a crazy idea is gradually becoming a reality

The future has been turned upside down

State-of-the-art technological elements

Related to industrial change

More relevant to the future and well-being of humanity

The future is here.

Let's enter a new era of whimsy

2018 Making the Future Conference

It's about to kick off.


July 8, 2017

The first "Future Conference

We spoke with eight speakers and an audience of 1,500

Exploring 'Active Evolution' Together

Invited to the

Yuval Hurali, author of A Brief History of the Future

Wu Sheng, founder of Scene Lab

John Hopcroft, Professor of Computer Science, Cornell University

Che Pinjue, Expert Partner, Sequoia Capital China Fund

Jianping Gan, Managing Partner of Qiming Venture Partners

Music Artist Zhu Zheqin

Cai Jinqing, Chairman of Christie's China

Scholar-writer Li Tianfei

Wang Jian, Chairman of Huada Gene

I-World by Photon

Liu Run, Chairman of R&M Consulting

Xu Tian, Associate Chair, Department of Genetics, Yale University

Professor Zhou Tao, University of Electronic Science and Technology


▽Why do we want to do a future conference?


July 28, 2018

We will continue to dive into the future

Inviting 200 of the world's top industry sector innovators

investigate Core areas of cutting-edge topics

Aerospace / Biomedical / New Energy

ACGN/artificial intelligence/intelligent design

on the spot

You can also get access to concept product experiences from 50 top innovative technology companies

We will focus on the following topics


future intelligenceMATCH

future lifeIMMORTAL

future citiesTWIN CITY

future spaceINNER STRENGTH


Future EntertainmentEscape

future designLimit Unlimit

Future BusinessRe Value

future humansI Human

More guests are being invited

Wu Xiaomao

Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Moving Labyrinth motion capture and visual effects

Crysis Sons of Rome Game Engine

Wang Xi

CEO of Netflix Buu Studio, former head of Microsoft bugine studio (halo)

Shanghai Dragons

Blizzard's Overwatch

Billy Tan

Senior Marvel artist (X-Men, New Superman, Green Lantern)

Lu Wei

Former Deputy Chief Designer of Vanke Guangzhou-Shenzhen Region

Founder of "Home Vessel" Studio

Zhu Shengxuan

General Consultant, Landscape Engineering, Shanghai World Expo Park

Founder of Country Companion Cultural Travel

David Kang

Editor-in-Chief, City China magazine

Independent Artists and Curators

Han Bik Excel

D., Center for Brain Science, Harvard University

Founder and CEO of BrainCo, a brain-computer interface company

Dai Jianwu (1942-), novelist

Researcher, Institute of Genetics and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Developmental Biology

More Speakers

Invitations are being made

In the comments section below

Name the guest you're looking forward to!

Early Bird Ticketing Access

WHEN. July 28-29, 2018

Location. University of Science and Technology Shanghai International Exchange Center

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