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The 2nd Changchun International Creators Festival - Chaoyang Xunfei AI Dual Creation Base Branch

About the Double Creation Light Interview

Changchun Chaoyang Xunfei AI Bi-innovation Base has created its second branded entrepreneurial sharing column "Bi-innovation Light Interview" to meet with you in October this golden autumn. Through interviews with young creators or corporate executives, this column goes deep into the hearts of entrepreneurs, understands their entrepreneurial stories, shares cutting-edge technologies in related industries, inspires young people to innovate and start businesses, cultivates entrepreneurial thinking, allows more young people with entrepreneurial intentions to join the entrepreneurial boom, and helps more people in a confused period to find their way. It also combines the hottest live streaming format, inviting you to interact online and communicate with each other from a distance.

Entrepreneurship makes a life, creators win a future.

How to choose a business project? How do you get through an entrepreneurial crisis?

How to be a good business manager?

What are the application scenarios for Artificial Intelligence + Law?

Any problems encountered and to be encountered in the process of starting a business

It will all be answered in the DoubleTalk Light Interview

Avoiding business risks for you and smoothing your path to business

1、The Golden Age of EOS and Watkin Blockchain 30 in 2018
2、Free foreign supply and demand information B2C website and classic B2B website book
3、A disk highspeed downloader PanDownload resurrected
4、Feifei Li posts that the values of machines are the values of humans making AI more human
5、NASFans exclusive interview with Nebula Week winner Jam the DinosaurPark dev team and the original artist

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