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The Chinese New Year's Eve ticket rush full strategy, accelerated package scalpers can not be more reliable than it


Every year when it comes to the Spring Festival, I am reminded of the fears that dominated the ticket rush last year.

A month in advance to grab the tickets, eyes guarded by the computer, an hour before the opening of the sale began to frantically refresh, a few minutes before the opening of the sale heart racing fingers trembling, the opening of the sale a refresh, no more.

First class, second class, hard seat, hard sleeper right down to no seat. It felt like a whole wind had blown through and the constant squatting was like a dream, like something had happened but nothing was left.

I didn't get a ticket and had to hope for a pickup. Keep refreshing the software, expecting someone will return the tickets, refresh with tickets, click buy, insufficient tickets left to buy fails, refresh again, fail again.

It keeps going in this cycle, a sense of desperation that only those who have experienced springtime can appreciate. While people around me were feverishly looking for outside help, I snapped out of it and realized that one person can't do this alone or I need to find a way.


The accelerated package thing is something that has only been around for the past few years, and it is a product that has been derived from various ticketing software. The name just makes you feel very comfortable, accelerated, and feel like you can use it to get ahead of everyone else and grab a ticket right away.

During the Spring Festival, it was everywhere in the circle of friends. Various groups have high frequency of accelerated packages inside. Friends you haven't spoken to in years are also sending you a link and asking for acceleration. Moms don't sunbathe their children either, and this time of year the accelerator pack is more important.

So, are acceleration packs really that godly?

To use an accelerator pack, you first need to understand what the product Accelerator Pack is all about. The acceleration package is also graded, it has six grades: low, medium, high, extreme, light, and VIP.

The low speed is the one you forward to your friends for them to help you grab, this one is free. Everything else costs money to buy, and each level up costs more money. The most advanced is VIP, and this requires the opening of a Platinum membership in addition to spending money to qualify for the VIP acceleration package.

The ticketing software states that the higher the level the faster you can grab a ticket, but there is also a small line stating that even if you have a VIP accelerator package there is no guarantee that you will be able to grab a ticket.

So how does the accelerated package ticket rush work?

The accelerated package runs in the mode of having a ticket, Boost with enterprise-class bandwidth network speed Or use multiple accounts to repeatedly check for remaining tickets, Frequent order submission。 It also means using technology instead of a human being to place the orders themselves, and the speed of placing orders is naturally higher than manual ones.

However, the exact availability of tickets still depends on the official release of tickets, if there are no tickets, it is useless to upgrade the higher acceleration. And, the acceleration package only helps you "jump the queue", not have the right of first refusal.


Now many of the ticketing software in the operation process will be the default option to buy accelerated package, charges between 10 - 50 blocks, a inattention will automatically buy. Many people have reported that they clearly did not buy accelerated packages but after purchasing tickets, inexplicably more than a few dozen, this is unknowingly bought.

For the acceleration package, 12306 gave an official response, "the speed of grabbing tickets" may not be able to fight ordinary ticket purchase.

12306 said that in order to allow everyone to grab tickets fairly, if someone accesses the server at a very high frequency, it will be detected by the system and determined as an abnormal operation, and these users may be blocked or blacklisted. That said, you may be using an accelerated package that could backfire.

So, buying an accelerated package might be a psychological relief. It's also the highest bidder who uses the acceleration package. By filtering through the database, whoever pays more money and orders early, then has a better chance of grabbing a ticket.

If everyone uses an accelerator pack and pays the same amount of money, then that means everyone is back on the same starting line, which equals no accelerator pack.


The acceleration package is a bit of a dud, so would it be okay to go with a scalper?

I bought my tickets last year and went to a scalper because he was a scalper so I felt the rush should be great, so I didn't rush the tickets myself and waited for good news from him. Finally he told me that he was sorry he didn't grab it. It was a bolt from the blue, and I missed the ticket sales that day.

Then I learned how the scalping works, and well, it's an artificial acceleration package.

Scalpers have several important tools: a 100-gigabit high-speed network, highly configured routers and separate servers, and many computers with Category 7 10-gigabit network cables.

First of all a scalper is a RMB player in terms of gear relative to the average person. Some of the more powerful ones have special ticket grabbers.

In a nutshell, it is the use of network speed , speed clicks to outperform regular users for ticketing purposes. This is certainly not a guarantee that you will get a ticket. It's even sadder if you run into an unethical one that just wants to scam you and take the deposit and disappear without a ticket and lose your money.

Buy a plane ticket, I guess, and see that the price has gone up almost five times more than usual. That works out to a round trip and over a month's salary gone.


So, accelerated packages are a pitfall, scalpers are unreliable, and plane tickets are five times more expensive, so how exactly should you get home? Here are a few ways to do that.

1.If you can't grab a straightaway, learn to turn around.

Direct tickets are really out of reach during the spring season. Those who grabbed it can only say they were lucky, most couldn't. Then you can't go straight, so you choose to turn around and go back. For example, if you want to go from Shanghai to Xi'an, you can't get a direct one, so you can transfer from Hankou. It's a bit of a hassle, but it's better than not going back.

2.Avoid popular sites.

Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, etc. are all popular sites where the population movement is the greatest and the competitive pressure to grab tickets is high. In this case you can buy more than one stop on the line, see where the train route list goes and try to buy a farther station that is not so popular and just get off early when the time comes. It's less stressful that way.

3.Learn more about the platform ticketing rules and take advantage of them.

The ticketing platform will generally release the day's refunded tickets about an hour before the closing time each evening, so be sure to refresh repeatedly to see if you can pick up the slack before the closing time. They don't sell at night, so be sure to refresh them at the earliest on-sale time in the morning and pick up the slack.

Know the departure station of the trip you want to buy, each city has different stations and usually the departure station will have a larger percentage of tickets. It will be easier to choose the starting station and then grab the tickets.

4.A way to make yourself a little faster than others.

With both telephone and online ticketing, be sure to familiarize yourself with the process of purchasing tickets over the phone beforehand.

Use a few more servers and request a few more accounts. Log in to one account per server to operate at the same time, or go to an internet cafe if your home internet is slow.

5.make money by trying to earn it

There are only a few holidays per year, and only two long ones. Every business is closed for New Year's Eve, and for those who are far away, it's the one time a year they get to go home. So, it makes it very difficult to grab tickets, after all, there are just so many tickets, more people than tickets, demand can't catch up with supply, and no ticket grabber can solve it.

So, there's no way to change the big picture, so work on changing yourself. After all the methods used it still doesn't work, try to earn money for the coming year and either drive home yourself, take the whole family out on a trip, or buy airline tickets. After all, having money for these ticket grabs is not a thing. Come on! 2019 is sure to be a great time to get rich!

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