The Chinese hacker who brought down the networks of six countries in a five-year cyber holocaust was a student

The world has now entered the Internet era, and the Internet has brought us a lot of convenience, such as online shopping and e-commerce, etc. But there are also a lot of terms that we are not clear about, such as "hacker", many people think that hackers can do anything on the Internet, and can use a small computer to influence a lot of things. Hackers have been taken seriously by various countries since their emergence, and even the United States now has its own cyber force.

Now there are also many famous hackers in China, such as China's top hacker Chen Yinghao, Chen Yinghao looks ordinary in appearance, with glasses and not good at talking, which is a person in every school, but he has his own stubbornness, he saw many classmates competing to write programs in college, but he said there is no point to what these students do, we all know that all geniuses are paranoid, this may be the pride that Chen Yinghao shows in some programs.

Chen Yinghao created the CIH virus when he was in college to show his ability. At first, he didn't want to spread the virus, but then somehow it leaked out, which led to a worldwide "cyber holocaust" that infected and crippled about 60 million computers worldwide. Six countries, including Turkey, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, and Russia, were infected by the virus, with South Korea suffering the heaviest losses.

The police then found the "craziest hacker" through various methods, but at that time Chen Yinghao did not realize that he had such a great ability and acted very vulnerable, from the subsequent hospital diagnosis, Chen Yinghao suffered from bipolar disorder and his family also has a history of mental illness, after treatment the hacker admitted his mistake and is now engaged in his normal work, using his talent to contribute to modern technology.

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