The Crushing Doo-Dah of Programmers and Engineers

To start a project, the manager has to go through the engineers to finalize the plan, and after that, he has to hand over a programmer to do the product.

However, for an engineer to change a small detail, the programmer may have to design three times more work.

But the engineer's side is the programmer's "God" again.

Because he's the customer, the engineer has to change it, the programmer has to change it, so would the programmer be so honest as to change it?

This is code written by the Firefox programmer, haha

Haha, gotta admire the greatness of this programmer

Look at this one down here, he's got a bit of a grievance

After looking at this chart, the normal leader of this position should not mess around with offending the programmer or there is a chance that he will let you into your program blacklist and curse you for the rest of your life.

Finally, regarding the business of programming, I think it is important to know how to better yourself in the following areas.

Set goals (set goals that you can carry out based on your situation)

Learning methods (understanding how you prefer to learn technology, reading or courses)

Talk to good engineers (there are always limits to one person's power and thinking, it never hurts to meet more people)

Doing open source, reflecting on previously written programs

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