The DUCATUR framework: improving the dispute mess on freelance platforms

Author: Anonymous Translator: Lance

In an arbitration that is not suitable for either party to resolve, DUCATUR offers solutions that resolve disputes between employees and employers in an honest and transparent manner.

Freelance platforms are becoming very popular now. Very similar to a marketplace, but the main commodity sold there is labor. But as freelancing grows, conflict resolution between the parties becomes more and more problematic.

The DUCATUR framework helps make the interaction of these populations transparent and equitable, providing solutions that reduce conflict and time. The project teases that the only risk you will face is enjoying working with DUCATUR too much.

If the case goes against the client, DUCATUR's framework finds the right expert and initiates arbitration proceedings. Dispute resolution judges are selected through mathematical algorithms that analyze their reputation, the scope of their competence, and specific jurisdictions. These experts conduct fair and independent arbitration: they cannot be bribed because they are chosen at random and are not familiar with either side, and they have an incentive to get a fair result to improve their rating. After an analysis of the quality of the work done by the freelancer or the products sold, the results will be published and the dispute will be resolved within a few hours.

Ducatur is a database framework that enables you to create databases for reliable data exchange between interacting participants on the blockchain. This would be a system where you always receive trusted data and provide a reliable connection between the blockchain and external information.

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