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The Dark Humanity Behind the Blockchain

I've been too busy with my own projects for a while, so I haven't had time to write a startup reflection essay.

I actually wanted to write about this after last week's fermentation of the so-called leaks from a certain bigwig blockchain. I graduated with a degree in economics and have done finance related ventures outside of my home project and lost a lot of money. So it's kind of knowledgeable about these so-called new things.

This post focuses on the dark human issues behind the blockchain.

Blockchain is actually a very simple thing that, in simple terms, consists of both decentralization and solves the trust aspect.

For example, I got a girlfriend, and when I was establishing the relationship, I told many passersby loudly in the street that this girl was my girlfriend, and then passersby remembered the fact that I had this girlfriend.

If my girlfriend were to break up with me one day, passersby who had witnessed our relationship before would come forward and testify for me that she was my girlfriend and couldn't pull a fast one.

Again, for example, we are now visiting a website and need to pull data through the server of that website to complete the action of our visit.

Blockchain technology is what turns the computer of each of us who visit a website into a decentralized server, and no longer needs to go through the website's server to complete the visit. If a hacker wanted to hack a website, it would have to hack at least a little over 50% of the users' computers to achieve its goal. In terms of this means that blockchain technology will make it harder for hackers to have impure motives anymore, but rather make it easier and more efficient and secure for participants.

But blockchain technology is not something that can be implemented on the ground in three or two days, and many companies in a certain ticket market now have achieved a surge through blockchain wording, simply by capturing the psychology of many people who do not understand it to achieve certain goals of their own.

Simply put, you've all been snubbed. Blockchain is a good thing, but it will take time to implement, perhaps a long, long time.

When it comes to blockchain, you have to talk about virtual currencies and ICOs.

If I were to say these money-related things, I would say them in just two words, and that would be the word lulz.

Don't give me virtual currencies, ICOs, and formal so-and-so markets, etc. There are just formal flimflam and informal ones.

The human nature behind it is to pool the money of the poor for certain groups to take and get rich, how, lol, knock it off.

Today speaks about the ICOs that have emerged along with the blockchain.

An ICO is actually a form of crowdfunding. Crowdsource the fools money for some to reap.

Issuing a virtual coin ICO you think is difficult and profound?

An ordinary person can issue their own virtual currency and then come and harvest fools and get rich and famous.

First of all, I just want to tell you about the dark human nature behind these things and expose these ugly practices, not so you can do harm, but so you can avoid being scammed. So I'll just briefly describe the process by which scammers issue virtual currency.

1, for example, you go to ethereum to download a wallet, download it and install it, if you can get lucky and install it successfully, then you have crossed the biggest obstacle on the road to ICO;

2, after installing the wallet, tap down CONTRACTS;

3. Click Deploy New Contract, open the website, copy and paste the code under THE CODE into your wallet, then select Token ERC 20.

4. Next, you have to enter three parameters, Initial Supply, Token Name, and Token synbol. Initial Supply is how many coins you want to issue; Token Name is what your coin is called; Token synbol is what your coin's code name is.

5, click deploy and your coin is released, but there is a prerequisite, you should have a little bit of ETH in your wallet, it's cheap.

6. At this point, you have created a virtual currency. Next write the white paper, which you can write and brag about all you want, at this point it's up to you to brag about your bragging skills. Then it's time to get on the platform and reap the fools.

This is how many virtual currencies and ICOs are played out, specializing in screwing over fools. Of course, there are so many idiots that there aren't enough liars. There is no shortage of speculative people in the world willing to take bets on who will be the last fools to take over.

Blockchain technology is a good technology, but there is no telling what year or month it will take to get it off the ground. And 99% of the virtual currencies and ICOs that have emerged with the help of blockchain technology are just fooling fools now.

The key to whether something is useful or not is whether it can create real and tangible value for the era and society. At least for now, virtual coins have not seen much value created except for consuming social value.

For many of my friends who have asked me lately if they can get in on this heat wave to get a little rich. I don't think anyone can stop you from speculating if you want to, and if you have spare money that you won't cry about when you lose, you can go, otherwise stay and do what you need to do.

Don't try to challenge something that tests your humanity , it's enough to remember that.

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