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The Geek Weekly: Stormy cartoon shut down, courier turns into a blackmailer, World Smart Conference held in Jin...

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Stormy Comic Stops Shifting, App Shuts Down

Recently, the media has exposed a video released by the "stormy cartoon" on May 8 in today's headlines and other platforms, which contains the content of playful insults to the two martyrs Dong Cunrui and Ye Ting.

On May 16, Today's Headlines issued an announcement to take down the videos in question and blocked the account of "Stormy Cartoon". Subsequently, the host and editor-in-chief of the stormy cartoon, Wang Nima, issued an apology on Weibo for the stormy cartoon's flirtation with and desecration of Dong Cunrui and other martyrs, while stressing that it was a "misunderstanding" and that "netizens interpreted the footage of the stormy early program out of context.

Then on the evening of May 17, Ren Jian, co-founder and CEO of Stampede Comics, issued another apology statement on Weibo and announced an internal overhaul with immediate effect, taking down the entire line of video programs such as "Stampede" and stopping updates, and shutting down the official website of Stampede Comics, the Stampede Comics app and the Stampede Daily app for an indefinite period.

Apology letter from Stormy Cartoon Weibo

Courier turns blackmailer, sells customer information

On May 16, a report from a WeChat public website thrust the term insider back into the public domain.

In April 2018, the Hubei Jingzhou Intermediate People's Court handed down a final verdict in a case involving the leakage of citizens' information, which involved Shunfeng employees as the main subject of information leakage and a chain of black production involving multiple parties such as express agents, cultural companies, hobos and fraudulent criminals.

The case resulted in the seizure of more than 10 million pieces of personal information of citizens suspected of being leaked, involving a transaction amount of more than 2 million yuan, as well as the seizure of illegal trading of personal information of citizens involving more than 20 provinces and cities across the country.

Jingdong refuses to ship merchants with Cainiao Express

Today, some Jingdong merchants broke the news to Yibang Power that orders from Jingdong stores have been unable to be shipped using the electronic face sheets provided by the Cainiao logistics platform.

According to the merchant, he clicked on shipping in the background of the Jingdong store, but was told that the format of the waybill number did not match and could not be shipped, "We used the CaiBiao single number, starting with 4 characters, and could not click on shipping. "

The above merchant said to Yibang Power that Jingdong recently issued a notice to make new regulations on the use of electronic face sheets for merchants on Jingdong Open Platform: on May 10, 2018, merchants shall use the electronic face sheets of Jingdong Boundless or the electronic face sheets of courier companies that are resident in Jingdong Open Platform, and merchants who do not use electronic face sheets according to the specifications may affect the efficiency of performance.

The notice requires that merchants apply to open a Jingdong Borderless e-sheet or an e-sheet from a courier company that is resident in the Jingdong Open Platform through the merchant's back office from now until 24:00 on May 18. Jingdong will gradually complete the standardized use of electronic face sheets for all platform merchants according to the progress of the system.

World Smart Conference in Tianjin

The 2nd World Smart Conference, co-hosted by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Internet Information Office, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Association for Science and Technology and the Tianjin Municipal People's Government, was held at the Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center from May 16 to 18.

With the theme of "Smart Era: New Progress, New Trends, New Initiatives", the conference adheres to the goal of "high starting point, mainstreaming, internationalization and characteristics", and continues to build the most authoritative, high-quality and high-profile global event in the field of smart technology.

During the exhibition, a series of open booths attracted the interest of many exhibitors, which was one of the highlights of the exhibition, with domestic and foreign artificial intelligence technologies at the forefront and related products all on display. Take KuangShi Technology's booth for example, a variety of application achievements based on the company's advanced face recognition technology and intelligent manufacturing technology were all on display to the public at the exhibition. It is understood that the application areas of these technologies are extremely broad and have wonderful performance in the actual application process, and the value derived from artificial intelligence technology is reflected in these products to the fullest.

Jitterbug lays out e-commerce marketplace, creates online store

A few days ago, Jitterbug went live with its own store feature, which allows users to directly access the Jitterbug master's own store and make purchases.

Back in March, Jitterbug tested the shopping cart feature, when the shopping cart portal could only be used in short videos by daedalus, and tapping on the shopping cart in the upper right corner would show three items below the video, though the test was soon followed by a series of accounts that Jitterbug was forced to seize because of some unscrupulous businesses using the platform to peddle fake goods, which also took the shopping cart offline and put the e-commerce exploration on hold.

However, the response of Jitterbug on the line of its own shop is not true, Darren's own shop is only part of the shopping cart function, an aggregation of Taobao links, the shopping cart function is only in a small test, and not fully online.

In fact, today's headlines have long incubated their own e-commerce platform within. Early in 2018 Today's headlines launched a new e-commerce platform - Buy With Confidence

It is understood that, in the future, the "TA's Promoted Products" homepage of Jitterbug, the pop-up list of products, will likely jump directly to the assured purchase platform. From the user shake on the watch video to click the direct link are assured to buy goods, in the layout of e-commerce, today's headlines formed a closed loop of marketing inside.

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