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The God of Song's pitch needs to be fixed too! An exclusive look at the standard plug-in for the US industry

A few off-topic comments, not trying to waste anyone's eyes, but what needs to be said needs to be said. This public account opens with.

What aspects of legal contracts are of concern to American audio engineers and music producers?

This article has been changed and plagiarized, The article was about a songwriter being infringed upon。 I want to tell the plagiarist, You're really annoying.。 To be honest you're going to make me avoid bringing real dry goods to people, I am in the spirit of complete completely open, complete An all-sharing mentality。 If the person who copied this reads this, You need to stop copying.。 Plagiarism includes content and phrasing, Even if you change the words., Change America to China., It's also plagiarism., Have you ever written a thesis??

An ENDING to the above, and a thank you to the readers, thank you! I really wish there was more interactive communication, some readers have left messages in the background and this number has replied to answer questions for readers about recording and mixing encounters, I think it's more effective to have one-on-one communication this way.

Back to the topic: the pitch of the song gods needs to be fixed too! An exclusive look at Melodyne, the standard software for the US industry

official (relating a government office):

There are plugins described on this site, and I'm sure those who need them will check them out for themselves. So I will only talk about real experiences that are not available on the website.

firstly, This plugin is really, really great!, Works very well, If you are a beginner you can learn, If you're an old hand, Then you must understand its charm.。Melodyne Not only does it fix the intonation, Can also correct time, settle (a dispute) complete Do you still have to worry about fixing the vocals with these two major problems?? A little imagination can make it more interesting to use, Like the voice of a ghost., The sound of little yellow men, Robot Sounds。

So what is the principle of Melodyne? Why does it work so well?

All this thanks toPeter Neubäcker inventedMelodyne, there are people saying that“ When one hears music one calculates it unconsciously, The joy we feel in music comes from the relationship we feel between the numbers。"

Peter Neubäcker argues that numbers are not dead, that 2/3 is not just numbers, but structures, ratios, that music is actually a composition of countless numbers, that all intervals are actually numerical relationships.

(Kind of like this:)

Image copyrighted by the original author from:

Peter Neubäcker thought of a question under Pythagorean theory: what is the sound of a stone? How do you detect the notes included in this sound? In solving this problem, Melodyne was born.

Peter Neubäcker believes that when we pick up a stone we see the different shapes of its different faces, and he speculates that somehow the stone can be translated into sound. So Peter Neubäcker investigated, how can I hear the sound of a stone? The question evolved into: how do you make the sound appear in 3-D? Following on from this, it evolves into: how is sound independent of time?

Peter Neubäcker spent a year inventing ways to make the shape of a sound presentable, and when he invented it, it meant that it was possible to access the sound and make changes at will.

Before, sound editing was limited to just: (very crude processing like this)

But with the advent of Melodyne, we find the sound actually looks like this.

(Roughly found some similar diagrams)

Image copyrighted by the original author from:

Image copyrighted by the original author from:

The Melodyne plugin opens up a bit like Midi:.

Image copyrighted by the original author from:

Q: Isn't pitch shift fixable with ProTools' own pitch shift why do I have to pay for such an expensive plugin?

A: If you fix the whole vocal with pitch shift, then you will get a very mechanical pitch, like a robot; secondly, overtones or tiny transitions are not fixable with pitch shift because its algorithm can't cut or see the cross-section of a note. Imagine a note wave that actually has a cross-section, such as a cross-section representing 3 degrees in a triangle-like shape.

Q: There are so many versions of Melodyne, which one do I purchase?

A: If you don't have the money right now, you can take it to me to fix; you can also start with the cheapest version, because what's especially great about Melodyne is that the premium version and the lower version are included, so you can upgrade from the lower version to the STUDIO version.

To sum up.

Melodyne has been in use in the US for so many years that it's long been no secret. Fixing the vocals also encompasses other aspects, such as static mixing, such as harmonizing with other, also weighty, big name plugins. Also, you can actually correct the pitch slightly with the EA that comes with the PT, but I'd recommend the Melodyne the most!


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