cool hit counter "The Great Bitcoin Robber" saw 600 computers worth $2 million disappear._Intefrankly

"The Great Bitcoin Robber" saw 600 computers worth $2 million disappear.

Mining for cryptocurrency can be an expensive proposition - albeit less so, if you just go and steal 600 powerful computers.

That's exactly what 11 people are accused of doing in Iceland. Last December and January, a large number of professional computers were boosted in Iceland's data centers. As a result, NBC News reports that the computer itself is still unaccounted for, although authorities have identified and arrested the person they believe is responsible for the theft. While the machines are estimated to be worth around $2 million, the real payoff for these cryptographers may be a more intangible form than good old-fashioned cash:Bitcoin. This is because the computer, if put back to work, could be used to generate digital coins that would be worth over $11,000 in that time.

"This is an unprecedented mass theft," explained Reykjanes police chief Olafur Helgi Kjartansson, NBC News reported. "Everything points to this being a highly organized crime."

Remarkably, this was not a single, massive Ocean's Eleven-style heist. Instead, this was actually several different burglaries in several different locations. Two of these events took place on the aforementioned Reykjanes Peninsula.

Cryptocurrency is often a target for criminals - hackers steal it all the time - but mining computers themselves don't offer the same simple rewards. After all, breaking into a physical building to steal physical items is completely different from running an online scam.

Apparently, this did not stop the 11 people identified by the Icelandic authorities as being involved in the robbery. Here's hoping (at least for them) that their lawyers accept bitcoin.

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