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The Honor V10's score has been set again, do you regret buying the iPhone X?

Since watching the iPhone X launch, I'm determined to have to save up for one, after the double 11 looting

The idea was dashed and painful; immediately after the double 12 made up for it, the iPhone X got further and further away from me. However, for once, the editor wasn't the least bit sad.

After the double 11 was looted, I could only console myself by reading the news of iPhone X online and the review guidelines of other pals, which resulted in more and more bad reviews, the cottage came with it, and the setting had the "top 10 dissatisfaction" and "big price reduction".

Get rid of it guys, it's a phone that's too new to be new, okay? What the hell is the big sale? What the hell is a cottage again? What's even more damnable is where did the news that a cheap iPhone X is being released come from?

The first two problems are understandable, but the behavior of the iPhone in the past two years has become more and more incomprehensible. After the case of the iPhone 6s, a cheap version of the iPhone X may really come out next year, and the name will not be "iPhone Y"? Who knows!!!

Sadness is sadness, sadness is sadness, the day important to continue is not. When I first decided to buy one because of the iPhone X's AI features, I've completely lost the will to do so, but the need for an AI phone is still there, and I've gotten a full-screen AI phone in the last couple of days.

Didn't look good in the picture, went elsewhere to get the picture, liked the gold color so I bought this one. Of course, you're not buying this phone for the full screen or the color, just for the AI experience. I checked the AI capabilities of this phone before I bought it, and it has an industry-leading 237 points from Lu Master, and it's the world's number one, with an iPhone X score of 180.

Today, I read that the Honor V10's Lu Master AI performance score has come to 240, indicating that some of the AI capabilities are still being enhanced with the version update. The phone's AI performance capabilities stem from its dual hard and soft AI with AI chip Kirin 970 + AI system EMUI 8.0. One point of interest is that the Kirin 970 has a built-in neural network processing unit (NPU) that enables AI independent computing, freeing up CPU stress and improving energy efficiency and performance, meaning that with less time and energy consumption, this phone can perform more AI computing tasks.

I think the Honor V10 is one of the best AI phones so far, and has the most AI features, such as face recognition (with anti-closed-eye unlock feature), AI voice assistant, AI photo, AI translation, AI games, and so on, realizing the AI of almost all common functions on the phone.

With the dual hard and soft AI, the Honor V10 and iPhone X are much faster in terms of grabbing red envelopes and several app launches in the comparison test.

After using the Honor V10 for a few days, I highly recommend that you can buy one to get your hands on it and use it, you will definitely be pleasantly surprised and you may fall in love with this phone from afterwards as well. For those of you who have already bought the iPhone X, weak question, did you regret reading the reviews and comparisons?

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