The Human World and the Future of Robots

This picture should be no stranger to you, sure!, It's the world's most anticipated chess battle between man and machine., The man in the picture contemplating the chessboard is the world chess master Kasparov, He's up againstIBM of" navy" calculators, The end result is that the strongest human brain loses to an artificial intelligence computer program。 At the time, it generated strong reactions around the world, thought-provoking, Will Artificial Intelligence Machines Pose a Threat to Humans? At the time Kasparov told everyone, Artificial intelligence surpassing humans is a joy to behold, It will bring more convenience to our lives, No threat to us., So that no one has to worry.。 But is that really the case?? If the AI system incorporates an autonomous judgment process, With a mind of its own, What's the world coming to?, While such a procedure might be too elaborate, Human technology has not been able to reach, nevertheless, In the near future, it will have a mind of its own, just like humans., Ability to think independently, Robots that know how to protect themselves will come out, It's like a scene from the movie Terminator, Movies always end on a positive note, In the end, mankind triumphed., But reality is harsh., Ask the flesh and blood human what to use to fight an AI robot!

1、Remote access to digital resources
2、Bitcoin falls through the price of faith see the 5000 mark
3、The mist is sunken and the Ou River is wide the water is eddying and the waves are frightening
4、Sued again tens of billions of yuan deposit is not enough for ofo to pay off debt Dai Wei is moving to blockchain
5、Data Science in the United States

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