The Internet Security Workshop⑳: Be wary of online scams caused by search engine "wrong way"!

Booking tickets, shopping, loans, just type the keywords into the search engine and many websites will immediately pop up on the web. But many people don't know that the top ranking sites on search engines could be scam sites. Please join Mr. Yan to learn these precautions.

What are the common techniques of using search engine scams?

1. Phishing websites, where fraudulent websites pretend to be regular websites through technical means.

2. Impersonating a salesman to create a professional image and stimulate customers' desire to buy.

3, the advertising keywords will be "deformed", or in compliance with the word insert inconspicuous characters in an attempt to avoid audit.

4. False information fraud.

How should internet users protect themselves from such traps?

1, the use of search engines should be more vigilant, they are not familiar with the site needs to carefully verify its authenticity.

2. All information relating to financial transactions, etc., needs to be handled with caution.

3. Keeping the password of the network account and personal information such as ID card and mobile phone number.

4. Common antivirus software to kill the computer.

Underline: After finding out that you have been cheated, you should promptly call 110 police, and pay attention to retaining evidence, such as bank transfer records, communication records, chat records, etc. In addition, you should also promptly change the relevant passwords and notify your family and friends to prevent fraud from being committed again by unscrupulous people impersonating you.

(JI Commentary House Zhou Hongcai, Zhang Yaping, Jin Mengmeng)

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