cool hit counter The Internet cafe configuration is so low, but the game does not card at all, it is because of these?_Intefrankly

The Internet cafe configuration is so low, but the game does not card at all, it is because of these?

firstly, Internet cafes generally use diskless systems, The client's system is new every time it is turned on, No garbage, of course.。

second, Internet cafe servers generally use array hard drives, It's fast. It's fast.。

thirdly, The internet cafe server has a lot of memory, Will put the usual common, Multi-opener software added to memory, It'll be fast for the client to read。

fourth, Internet cafe clients, The memory is also huge, The system will load frequently used software into memory, No need to read from the hard drive or server when using, Of course it's fast.。

fifthly, Switches for Internet cafes, The routers are all gigabit, 10 megabit, The speed is already faster than the average hard drive, So it feels faster than a home computer。

sixthly, Internet cafe systems are streamlined, There are many services that simply aren't available, pastxp system, complete600 multi-megabit, Internet café100 Multiple megabytes would be fine., It's not just any old speed., definitely, The features are incomplete。

seventh, The router of the Internet cafeQOS It's a powerful feature., It will put the page, The game prioritizes these most impactful experiences, Video, Downloading these will limit, So the internet latency in the internet cafe will be better than at home。

eighth, Internet cafes are generally served by more than two dedicated lines or two or more service providers to provide network, And some lines have accounts that are specially accelerated based on some games, So the gaming experience in an internet cafe is not comparable to that at home。

ninth, The machines in the Internet cafe are actually configured above the mainstream, not bad。 The home computer will be fine for three or five years, Internet cafes need to update some of their configurations in a year or two, Assign the old machine to the video section., chat area, And the gaming area is usually the latest configuration, Of course it's fast for you to play the game!

A lot of people have a lot of computers at home., But he still likes to go to the Internet cafe to play。 One is because of the atmosphere of the Internet cafe, Two, because it's smoother to play in an internet cafe。

Why Internet Cafe Computers Are Smooth ? Because internet cafe computer systems are optimized to play the game optimally, And it restores every time you switch on and off。

Have you noticed?, After each boot up of the internet cafe computer, The images are the same., No matter what you have previously downloaded and installed, After the power failure and reboot, the computer desktop is the same as before。 these It's a restore of the internet cafe system。

It's like everyone's phone gets stuck after a while, After restoring the factory, It's as smooth as a new phone again。 Of course the battery will not last, But computers don't have batteries.

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