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The Internet car makers are all over the place, but this is the "spider" that knows the most about your car shopping

Since last year, a storm of new car-making forces flooded with Internet capital behind them has been blowing through the automotive world. The production cars of Weimar, Weilai and Xiaopeng have been unveiled in the first quarter of this year, which means that the Internet car-making forces are gradually entering the track, and the whistle of the next round of fierce competition has already blown.

The reason why these car-making forces are labeled as "new" is mainly because the name is relatively "new".

In the view of Cartoonist, the new car-making forces are facing tests in terms of funding, car-making qualifications and capabilities, and are almost flocking to the new energy vehicle "log bridge", which is not considered to be innovative "each in its own way".

So looking around the big car world, are there other "cleaners"? The answer is yes.

In the opinion of Cartoonist, in terms of new species that break the car manufacturing process, black technologies that end the traditional car buying model, and new breakthroughs that transform the future of the auto industry, SAIC DATONG, as the world's first C2B mass intelligent customization car company, is perhaps more innovative than the above-mentioned new car-making forces.

Starting with the first C2B production car, the D90, SAIC Datsun's brilliance lies in its ability to let its customers "build" the car they want. From the grille, to the wheels and tires, to the interior grill, to the seat layout, to the drive format, to even the brake caliper color and car key color ...... All of them can pick the one they like.

I'm afraid it's not too much to say that SAIC Datsun is the most Internet-minded car company in the automotive world, because its push for newness and iteration is definitely in line with Internet efficiency as well.

SAIC Datsun's new car buying model, Smart Selector, was officially launched in version 2.1 on April 16, just over half a year after the launch of version 1.0, and just over a month before the launch of version 2.0 (February 28) with six new features.

It has taken on a particularly internet-friendly name - Spider Smart Choice.

The name, also from Internet wisdom, was chosen from over 36,600 names provided by 36,822 users, with the whimsical idea provided by "Radar".

Spider Smart Choice? Is it Spider-Man? After listening to the explanation of the car, you must think that the starting is really wonderful, and that there is some kind of super power behind it, perhaps as much as "Spider-Man".

For one thing, spiders are easy to remember and unforgettable.

It's very internet specific and easy to remember and spread. One media study shows that when you take stock of well-known Chinese Internet companies, you'll find an unusually high percentage using animals, plants and superlatives.

Without going into detail here, let's get right to the pictures.

Second, the spider is very graphic.

"As an analytical species, spiders have a very high rate of computation when constructing a spider web, which is an apt description of the black technology that can customize a car in 3 minutes. "Smart Choice" represents the big data to empower this technology product, through the scientific computing logic and algorithm to recommend the most suitable for the user personalized needs of the car and configuration, but also means that it is undoubtedly wise to use it to choose a car.

Third, the spiders are well aligned.

"Spider" is the harmonic of autonomy.

On the Internet, users are able to customize their own Dream Car through the big data accumulated by SAIC Datsun. SpiderSmart is a symbol of wisdom, the core of which is not to help users make the best choice, but the most "suitable for you" choice, is there anything cooler than this Freestyle?

Fourth, spiders are powerful.

The persistent and tenacious spirit of the tiny spider's web is a reflection of SAIC Datsun, an enterprise that has grown from nothing to something, and also implies that this future Internet of automotive technology will be woven bigger and bigger.

Of course, SpiderWise doesn't just have a good name, it's gotten even more powerful.

After extensively collecting big data on preexisting user points of interest and pain, the 2.1 version of the orchestrator has evolved many new hidden skills.

For example, the addition of a smart customization mode and menu bar promotions options that match the initial car purchase, and the adoption of a new UI design language with a minimalist style, which improves the user experience while making the user interface more refreshing, are also immediate.

After using the car, I think the Spider Smart Choice has become both smart and thoughtful, just like the word "smart".

There are not only popular recommendations that use big data to draw a picture of needs; there is also interactive car selection that reads users' car buying needs through interactive Q&A; and geek customization that caters to the ultimate pursuit; there is even an intelligent customization mode that can intelligently recommend models for users by gaining insight into their vague needs.

With Spider Smart Choice, you can also avoid the hassle of waiting for a car.

Because of the new existing car recommendation function, when the user selects the desired configuration, on the confirmation configuration page, it will intelligently recommend existing cars similar to that configuration according to the existing cars in nearby 4S shops, providing the possibility for the user to pick up the car faster.

It should be said that listening to users' voices and doing a good job of product reengineering, the iterative updates of Spider Smart Choice are indeed technological enough and smart enough.

How can the internet and cars be effectively combined? I'm sure this is a major core proposition that haunts the minds of many Internet car companies and the top decision makers of traditional car companies.

The traditional car buying model has been around for over 100 years and it's not easy to disrupt it, but if you do, the fission effect is believed to be immense and staggering.

Of course, the car of the Jun think we need to emphasize is that, no matter the combination of the Internet and the car, but all changes are the same, the most crucial thing is the birth of the new species, whether it really "understand you", whether it can establish a truly interconnected, warm relationship between the car - car companies - consumers?

"Know what you want, know more about what you need." I believe that the "spider" of SAIC Datsun Spider Smart has already made the most beneficial "spitting" and "weaving" for this purpose.

Will the Internet car-making, because of this "spider" to stir up a new era of storm clouds? Let's wait and see.

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