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The Java Journey - Setting Sail

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In freshman year, the school had java for a year, but it didn't work well, then I started learning from the most basic VB and now I'm getting back to Java. Suddenly I have some feelings to write a fragmented piece starting with HelloWorld.

At the beginning of the first half of the fourth half, many students went to some training courses, several of which were learning java.

In the next semester, the department opened the Java language programming course, and would have been the last semester of the course, hard students gave us two semesters, a year later everyone's learning results how? There are a large number of students in the class even HelloWorld can not knock out (including me) ... Be serious! Please don't take this fact as a joke! (I guess it's not just happening in my class)

Artists always start out as amateurs.

One of the most important things that I think contributed to this was that the class didn't get the students interested, or didn't play that role at the right time, to say the least.

Those who have learned java or other OO languages know that the basic part is all about some variables constants, data types, arrays and what not, and the deeper part involves OO, threads, containers ......

Memorizing formulas and doing problems for the entire three years of high school ...... When we arrived at university, we thought that the computer science major was learning to surf the Internet, type, do PPT, send Email, and suddenly we were thrown a bunch of interfaces, inheritance, constructors, multi-threading ...... The teacher held the textbook and read from it at length, the good students gawked at the unfamiliar terms that had nothing to do with them, the lazy students went straight to sleep, and I just missed class, thankfully our teacher didn't have the bad habit of naming names.

There is a lot of interest in this area right now. While so many people look down on VB, we learn constant variables, data types, arrays, functions, procedures, and the big three structures from the basics of VB, in small examples (each of which you will be excited and proud to implement) ...... Followed by VB-based exposure to databases, software engineering, UML diagrams, object-oriented ...... With a foundation and an interest in learning VB.NET, C#, C++, Java ...... It's all a matter of minutes! And the knowledge is all connected; learn one language and the other will be up to speed in no time.

The code is only 100,000 lines. No wife, no house.

Another reason for the above mentioned inability to even knock out a helloworld after a year of study is the lack of practice.

There is a ridiculous phenomenon is that, are almost finished classes, some students on their own computer has not even installed JDK, on-machine practice class, give you a ready-made program, you can run up is a troublesome thing! This estimate is not even "lack of practice".

Learning VB that will, every line of code is to implement an example, learning is in constant practice, just like learning to drive, the instructor with language to you, demonstrate to you, you think you learned, but if not personally practice, you probably can not even start!

Do this line, hands can not be lazy, hands lazy, debt sooner or later to pay back.

Today saw online such a "Java programmer from the bottom to the CTO technology roadmap" picture, was instantly hit with chicken blood、、、、

Looking at the material you will learn in the folder, basic syntax, object oriented, arrays, exception handling, common classes, containers, I/O, threads, networking, GUI ...... It's new knowledge that you're about to learn, but it's déjà vu, why? I can drive a tractor, same clutch, gears, throttle, brakes, so I'd have an easy time learning to drive!

I've been so busy with projects lately that I've almost forgotten to keep up with my studies, and I really shouldn't. Warn yourself: use your time wisely and keep learning.

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